Why were Rajputs not united in Medieval period?

Rajputs are independent, proud and warlike people. It is difficult to organise powerful people under one banner, and it needs several conditions to be fulfilled at the same time. Come, we will explore the topic in different perspectives , taking into consideration the constraints of space and time.

The analogy of Europe : Have you ever wondered why a continent like Europe , which has ruled the entire world in the previous centuries, is divided into so many countries. Had all the countries of Europe been united , there would not have been any World Wars , and they would have ruled the world forever. Same is the case with Rajputs , had all the small kindoms of Rajputana been united into one , they could have ruled India forever, but it was very difficult to happen.

Same level of martial prowess : All the kindoms of Rajputana were nearly equal in terms of military power. The kingdom of Mewar was a little stronger than others , but not powerful enough to conquer all others. So, with similar level of prowess, it was nearly impossible to combine all of them.

Proud, touchy and sensitive : The Rajputs are proud and honourable but at the same time , this makes them very touchy. The got hurt easily and felt insulted on small instances too. This always led to quarrels and internal conflict.

Lack of ambition : I must bring it to notice that most of the times, Rajputs fought in self defence, to protect themselves , and not to conquer. It makes them peace loving but it was a flaw for a martial race.The volcanic martial energy of warlike people must be properly channelized ,otherwise it leads to internal conflict. Had any of their leaders shown them the dream of conquest, the case would have been different. The presence of a dream, a goal would have brought unity to them, and channelized their martial energy towards towards annexation and ambition. The future would have been different.

Failure of Rana Sanga : Rana Sanga was one of the best warriors in Indian history. He was the hero of hundred battles. He managed to unite the Rajputs into a confederacy, and built a large army of 80,000 Rajputs.But then, he lost to Babur , due to brilliant tactics and canons.


  • I will like to give a spectacular decription of the battle of Khanua ( 1527). Babur used brilliant tactics in this battle. He kept a part of his army hidden as reserve force. In the middle ,he kept the canons and opened fire. Rajput elephants panicked and trampled their own army. At the same time, Babur’s army wheeled around and attacked from both the sides. With canons in the middle and a two – pronged attack from both sides , the Rajputs were under pressure. Rana Sanga was badly injured in the battle and Mughals won. Mughals won due to superior tactics and superior technology. With this defeat , they not only lost this battle but also their unity.
  • Rana Sanga, had not given up and he wanted to organize the Rajputs once again, but he was poisoned by his own people. With his death, the dream of Rajput unification ended forever.

So, these are the factors due to which Rajputs could not be united.

Abhinav Ashish