Ram Mandir will soon be a reality? Shia Waqf Board tells Supreme Court that Ram Mandir should be built in Ayodhya

The unsolved Babri Masjid case is now turning to the great twist. The Shia central Waqf board of Uttar Pradesh told the supreme court that a mosque could be built on a Muslim dominated area at a reasonable distance to avoid the conflict. It’s also telling the apex court in an affidavit that the Babri masjid site was its property and only it was entitled to hold the negotiations to settle down the dispute.

The thirty pages of affidavit assumes the significance that it has been filled within few days of the apex court in order to speed up the hearing on a batch of appeals. Challenging to the Allahabad high court verdict on the land dispute, the board took a time to set up a committee, exploring amicable resolution of the vexatious issue.

Shia Waqf Board negotiates the land disputes!

“Since Babri Masjid was a Shia Waqf board property, Shia central Waqf board of UP alone is entitled to negotiate and arrive at a peaceful settlement with other remaining stakeholders.”, said the board assailing the stand of the Sunni central Waqf board.

“Shia Board, answering respondent is also of the view that, to bring quietus, masjid can be located in Muslim-dominated area ata reasonable distance from the most revered place of birth of Sri Ram.” The affidavit claimed,

The three judge bench of Dipak Misra, Ashok Bhushan and S A Nazeer has been constituted by chief justice J S Khehar to hear  a batch of petitions which challenged the Allahabad High Court. Verdict in the land dispute from August 11.

Dr.Subramanian Swamy appealed to speed up  the hearing!

The court’s remark had also cometoa plea of BJP leader Dr. SubramanianSwamy who sought urgent hearing of the land dispute. Dr. Swamy had said, “The main appeals against the Allahabad high court order are pending for the last seven years in  the apex court and these required urgent hearing.”

He had also said, “A separate petition had been filed by me seeking enforcement of my rights to worship without much has sale at the site.”

The BJP leader had told the court that he has been allowed by the apex court to intervene in the matter and is seeking expeditions disposal of the dispute cases.

Yogi Adithyanath’s power!

Specially, in this issue, Uttar Pradesh’s CM Yogi Adithyanath played an important role. He was the first CM who visited Ram Mandir of Ayodhya all over the decades. After his victory as CM, Uttar Pradesh goes down to the communal issues.

According to the source, it’s believed that Ram Mandir will be built against of all verdicts in his period if this appeal would be heard soon.

Sushmitha Saptharshi