Ram Nath Kovind is the 14th President of India; Read how the opposition parties dumped Congress and voted for Mr Kovind

First time in the history, Indians are getting a BJP backed candidate as the President of India. Ram Nath Kovind is elected as the 14th President of India. The confirmation of his victory was sealed from the day his nomination was filed as the unity of opposition was completely broken. Sonia led Congress tried to rope in all the opposition parties but at last they gathered the support of only 17 parties. Several political parties opted for a deserving candidate rather supporting “dynasty politics”.

Counting of votes began at 11 AM at the Parliament House under the supervision of Lok Sabha Secretary General Anoop Mishra. He also said that 9-10 states had witnessed 100 percent polling. The new President, Ram Nath Kovind had an upper hand in majority of the states. But what wasn’t expected by Congress was that their own MLAs ditched them. Yes, the data showed that there were massive cross votes done by the Congress members in favour of Ram Nath Kovind. This showed that nothing was going right with the Congress party. After all, this was bound to happen because the “Youth Icon” Rahul Gandhi was on foreign trip during the crucial time when Congress presidential candidate was filing her nominations.

Congress shattered by cross-voting

Cross voting trend was massively seen among the MLAs of Bihar and Gujarat and this is a huge cause of concern because Congress said that in Gujarat, people and leaders and against BJP and in Bihar the “grand alliance” is intact. But after looking at the cross votes, will the Congress say that same dialogue again?

As quoted by Meira Kumar, it was a battle of between ideologies. Yes, the Congress ideology encourages insulting army chief but BJP upholds national interest. Congress ideology says to promote dynasty politics but BJP honours the hard worker in the party.

Even in Delhi, there were 2 cross voting. So Kejriwal’s AAP need to introspect, blaming PM Modi always is not good in a democratic nation. Six MLAs from Tripura TMC had also voted for Mr Kovind.

Initially it was predicted that President Ram Nath Kovind would garner 63% votes but now he has secured more than 65% of votes. This is a massive win for NDA’s candidate

Even 10 MLAs from Uttar Pradesh have cross voted in favour of BJP. 335 have voted for Ram Nath Kovind and perhaps SP MLAs have cross voted. Meira Kumar secured only 65 votes.

Maharashtra’s 20 MLAs also cross voted in favour of BJP. So Congress is losing its position of a national party because it is unable to even hold its own party members from cross voting.

This clearly says the there is no hurdle at all to curb PM Modi from re-electing in 2019 elections. So in the battle of ideology, the BJP’s nationalistic ideology emerges victorious.

The chart below explains the state wise vote distribution in the Presidential Election

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Nishika Ram