When Rana Ayyub Received An Award For “Courage In Journalism” By Human Rights Organisation

Earlier today, the first thing on my twitter feed was Rana Ayyub’s tweet claiming she had won an award for courage in journalism by human rights organisation. Like most people, I too was surprised and went “WOW, this is something!”

The next minute, her casual attire in the picture while receiving the award, caught my attention. I began to wonder who dresses up in jeans and shirt instead of something formal, while going to receive an award that too by the human rights organisation.

So I decided to do some research on this Human rights organisation and when they had introduced an award in this category.

My research led me to a name called “Radical Desi” and when I searched them on FB, I saw their FB page with 46 followers, and a couple of posts about Rana Ayyub’s talk and book signing.

I found out it is NOT and has NOTHING to do with UN Human Rights Council, and that it is just a bunch of NRIs led by an independent journalist Gurpreet Singh, that were running a group called “Radical Desi” and they had invited her and had given the award.

So, while Rana would love to exaggerate things, be it with her tweets against Modi, RSS, Hindus or this tweet about receiving an award by the Human Rights organisation, she stands clearly exposed!

Rupa Murthy