Rape accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal bail rejected by Kerala High court, to be in Jail!

In a welcome move, the Kerala High court has rejected the bail plea of the rape accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal who was arrested on charges of Rape. The Bishop who is said to have raped a women raped a women many times after which she complained to the Church. As she received no help from the Church, she went to the police seeking justice.

But the entire Missionaries and the Church organisations had got against the women and tried to threaten the women to withdraw the complaint. As the issue became a national talking point, the Bishop and the missionaries got exposed. The Vatican which had no business in the internal matters of India showed the audacity to form a committee to investigate the rape matter.

But the Bishop who used all his powers and might to get bail has been grounded by the Kerala High Court and put him back in jail.

In his bail petition, the Bishop said that the allegations levelled by the nun were “wholly concocted and cooked up only to wreak vengeance” for the action taken against the nun.

The Bishop argued that the nun was inimical towards him since she was removed from the post of Mother Superior and Kerala-in-charge on a complaint from her cousin and another nun. His counsel also claimed further detention was not needed since he was interrogated for hours before and after his arrest. The Hindu report.

Opposing the bail plea, the Director General of Prosecution submitted that statements of the witnesses including five nuns would have to be recorded under section 164 of the CrPC.

According to police, the investigation further needed time as it had to be carried out at Jalandhar to ascertain the statement of the accused and collect some more evidence. The police also said that the accused was using his political and missionary contacts to pressurize the investigation. The police also said that four other cases were registered in various police stations for trying to influence the witnesses in the case at the instance of the accused bishop.The investigation was at a crucial stage.Therefore, if he was granted bail at this stage, it would impede collection of further evidence, DGP had argued.

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