Rape in Indian Church, probe done by Vatican?! Churches have no respect to Indian Judiciary?

Since 15 days, there has been massive uproar over the Kerala nun rape issue which has made the entire Missionaries bend their head in shame. The nun who was raped in a church by Bishop Franco Mulakkal had launched a complaint against him in the police station after she received no help from the Church authorities.

Despite having enormous proof that the nun was raped by Bishop, the police weren’t able to arrest the man because of his political connections and influence. He was not even removed from the post of the church which had caused huge unrest among women across country. But when the case is in the court, the Vatican which has no business interfering in the internal matters of India has formed a special probe team to investigate the nun rape case.

The one member panel will now decide and give a SUPER judgement whether the Bishop is guilty or not. According to ANI reports, a church representative from India is in the Vatican to discuss the issue of a rape charge against the Bishop by a Kerala-based nun.

The irony here is on what basis does the Vatican think that they have superior powers than Indian courts. When the FIR has been filed, the case has been registered, it is the responsibility and the authority of the Indian court to order investigation and pronounce whether the Bishop is guilt or not. But here the Vatican has showed the audacity to disrespect Indian court and the Indian law system by appointing their own probe panel for the nun case.

Just few days back, the Missionary of Jesus had come in support of the Bishop who is now facing serious charges of rape and abuse. So, Vatican forming a probe panel looks like a an attempt to cover up the case and declare the Bishop innocent. The missionary of Jesus had shamelessly violated the rules and regulations by revealing the identity of the rape victim. The entire development looks like a ploy by the Vatican to save themselves from embarrassment after their real faces got exposed.The Vatican and Pope who is himself facing serious charges of women molestation should stop giving lectures to others and first solve his own problems.

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The so called liberals who jump on streets with placards for every fake issue, should hold placards against the Vatican and Missionaries who are supporting a rape accused.

On the other hand, the Bishop has written to all his colleagues to pray for him….

In his letter, he requested members of the Diocese to pray for him, the victim and her supporters hoping that “divine intervention” will cause a “change of heart.”

“As you have probably come to know from the media the investigation into the allegations raised against me there are several contradictions in the evidences collected against me as per the report of the police. It is reported that I am likely to be called for further clarifications by the investigating officer in Kerala. I request you to continue to pray for me and for the alleged victim and her supporters who have come out against me so that divine intervention may bring about a change of heart and the truth of the matter may be revealed. I leave everything into the hand of God as I await the result of the findings of the team probing the allegation,” the letter read.

What ever report the Vatican may provide, it will have no value in India and it will not be considered proof in any way as India has its own law system and the investigating agencies are given the responsibility of finding the truth.

It is better Vatican realises that the cheap gimmicks to prove themselves innocent will yield no result.

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