Rashtra Sevika Samiti starts giving self defence training to Mumbai slum girls!

Rashta Sevika Samiti which is regarded as the women wing of RSS is one of the most active organisation which develops Nationalistic mindset for women. The Sevika Samiti which is present many states involves itself it teaching selfless service towards society. They assist women who have underwent abuse, harassment giving them new hope in life.

The Sevika Samiti has now started providing defence training to the Mumbai slum girls in view of the increasing number of rape cases in India. The Sevika Samiti felt that the most vulnerable women belong to the deprived section of society who needs to made aware of the rights and safety about women. The RSS on the other hand is also focusing on providing defence skills to dalits and tribal community.

The Navi Mumbai Sanghchalak of Rashtra Sevika Samiti Gayatri Gohain who spoke to OneIndia said, “Samiti is providing self defence training to girls of slum dwellers in Mumbai. One aspect of the training is without any weapon while the other is with weapon. Weapon does not mean fire weapon but use of Dand (Cane). I myself is a Shikshika so I too train them as per schedule.”

She also said “Our focus is more on mental endurance than physical endurance. We are also sure what we teach these girls and we don’t mince any word to tell that by this training you will become a professional. This is also not right to say that no one will attack you as many people together can empower anyone be it a man or a woman in any bad day. But if you are mentally strong, you will be able to counter and will not be maimed easily.”

Apart from giving self defence training, the Samiti is also providing them skill development which can help boost their confidence and personality development enabling them to gain jobs in society and earn their livelihood. When asked whether professionals were involved in giving training, they said “Every year Varg (Camp) of Samiti is organised in that Samity girls are trained and there are different level that is named as Pravesh (entry), Prabodh (middle) and Praveen (skilled). In this a Sevika is properly trained. So we train people that way.”

“So it is absolutely our teachers who teach these girls whatever is required to them. We teach them discipline, collaboration over competition and all women take care of every work. The work is done by women but not only for women if any welfare scheme is being worked upon it is for the society as such,” she added.

It is indeed a great initiative that Sevika Samiti has started providing self defence skills to ladies which will bring a major awareness camapign in the society.

Credit: OneIndia

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