RATAN TATA—A Industrialist Not a Businessman!

I don’t believe in taking the Right things, I take decisions& make them right

(Always believe in your ability & Efforts)

From driving cars to flying choppers, from Charity to business strategy

He does it Passionately, but despite the cynosure of all eyes very little is known about him. Ratan Tata was born on 28th of December 1937.Aprominent wealthy Parsi family from Mumbai, Schooling from Campion school in Mumbai. 1962 completed B.Arch degree from Connell University along with structural Engineering. In 1975 he finished the Advanced Management Program from Harvard Business School. In 1962 he also joined family business at TATA Steel, later as first Independent Assignment in NELCO in 1971, the same year Emergency was declared too, A weak Economy, NELCO was on the verge of collapsing. In 1981 he took over from JRD to become the scion of the powerful steel industrialist of Nation. A very Dignified personality, Ethical, dependable, believes in keeping promises, loyal & believes in Maintaining relationships. Risk-taker but not a Speculator. Exemplary Leadership qualities.

TATA has always been known as value driven. These values continue to direct the growth & business of TATA companies. Believed in 5 Core values.

Integrity, Understanding, Excellence, Unity, Responsibility.

He always maintained the Values & Ethos—Globally TATA is recognised as not just another business house but as an Indian Industry with value system in place. He brought all TATA companies under 1 UMBRELLA. “TATA”. They believe in Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives—two-thirds Equity to TATA Sons by Philanthropic Trusts. Retentates is known as –Sense of Pride to all those who used the brand name TATA.  Rattan Tata is also known as Angel Investor to be Associated with various charitable Trusts of the TATA group.

KEY AHIEVEMENTS—Padma Bhutan—In the year 2000 he was awarded for Padma Bhutan

In the year 2006 he was awarded for Padma Vibhushan.

He holds Key portfolios—Chairman of the Investment Commission in Government of India, Member of America International Group.JPMorganChase, RollsRoyce,  Asia—Pacific Advisory Committee, one of the Board of Directors of New York Stock Exchange.Rattan Naval Tata is the chairman Emeritus of TATA SONS, for around two decades. (1991-2012). Tata Tea-Tata Steel became a Global Enterprise, under his leadership & Vision many brands were acquired, Jaguar, Land Rover, Corus, Tetley to give India & world the cheapest car. Cyrus Pallonji Mistry was named as chairman of TATA SONS uptill date.

Recent Developments which lead to Cyrus Mistry for his Removal from TATA SONS 24th October 2016- Ratan Tata has written letter to the Employer informing them about the ouster of Cyrus Mistry. In the Letter Ratan Tata has reassured employees that the ouster is in the interest of the stability & reassurance to all TATA group. Mr. Ratan Tata  will take back control of the $100bn Coffee to Steel Business. A new Management Structure will be announced he assured everybody. A Selectors Committee has been constituted to identify the next Chairman of TATA SONS. A Selectors panel has been formed to find successor in four months, The Committee includes RatanTata, VenuSreenivasan, Rosien sen, Amit Chandra.

DALAL street reacted with shock & Disbelief to Cyrus Mistrys replacement- some Analysts, observers feel that under Cyrus Mistry TCS has done exceedingly well, TATA Motors, but couldn’t concentrate on other ventures which was established by Ratan Tata. Ratan Tata joins the league of Michael Dell, Michael Bloomberg, closer home Mr. Narayanamurthy of Infosys, who nurtured the companies after passing the batons to re-boot the representative companies. WhileMr. Murthy had retired &decided to be only a Mentor to Infosys, Ratan Tata continued to play an important role as Chairman of TATA Trust, the largest Shareholder of TATA Sons. Cyrus Mistry is the scion of Shapoorji Pallonji Group which is the biggest shareholder of TATAs.

Was TATA Sons unhappy with Cyrus Mistry’s Performance:

TATA Sons on 24th Oct.2016, Board had announced that Cyrus will be replaced from chairmanship post. An Insider said- there was an inherent bureaucracy in the system that has gone unchanged for years. I will List out the Parameter on which the Cognisance of CyrusMistry’s Removal was taken:

Poor Performance- In August 2016, when shareholders of TATA Motors complained that dividend of 20 pause a share was Piddle, Mistry justified the same, who raised the capital & reinvested the capital in new products.

Sprawling Structure—Elephantine Structure, Cross- Ownership Structure of companies, so many things to handle,the group is so Infatuated with a Long-Term Vision that it has stood away from recalibrating in key businesses.

Pressure on Management- Cyrus was a tough task master & Pressed companies to focus on the Efficiency of the Board, pushing for only Performance oriented tasks, he created parallel teams & structures.Also, stressed only on Digital, agile technology.

No Solid performance- there was no plan for solid growth, he did not chalk out a detailed strategy for growth & kept the target as 2025 for Capitalisation.

Slow learner- Mistry had spent 1st 3yrs on Understanding the sprawling TATA Enterprises, has been only concentrating on Knowledge& Specific Domain, highly criticised for his workaholic nature as such, delay in decision making.

Ratan Tata had written a letter to PM about the decision taken by Board, & assured him within few months there will be a New chairman, he will be acting as Interim Chairperson for TATA SONS. He had to intervene after the Board had taken due decision of removing Cyrus Mistry. Once again Ratan Tata who had retired had taken charge at the helm of affairs for governance on which he had established TATA sons for more than 2 decades.

Once a Reporter asked Rata Tata about Himself & his accomplishments—His Response was—

“They (Ambani) are businessman, and we (Tata’s) are Industrialists”

I don’t want India to be an Economic Superpower, I want to be a happy country”.

Though put in simplified version but had lot of depth to it.

Ratan Tata had clinched two major deals during his tenure- TATA Corus deal, TATASteel which was known for his Growth Strategy, & International Exposure. TATA Nano created a revolution by making it possible for every family to own a car with a pride. Ratan Tata has accomplished Success without taking shortcuts. Ratan Tata- A Leader, A Strategist & above all a philanthropist, &believed in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Jai Hind

Dr Sukanya Iyer