Why does NDTV Ravish Kumar support anti Nationals and terrorists?

Ravish Kumar is a journalist in NDTV since many years. He is known for doing many hit jobs and fake news which has only proved him to be anti Modi and India hater. His desperate attempts to attack the country by extending support to terrorists and anti nationals have been very apparent recently.

He is the same person who along with Barkha Dutt had supported terrorists like Burhan Wani. They made endless programs on him trying to project him as a Kashmiri hero. They indirectly claimed that Kashmir was supporting Burhan Wani and government should find other means to talk to separatists.

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This man tried his level best to malign the BJP governmnet creating fake intolerance debate. They tried to project BJP has a communal anti Muslim government by supporting a man who stood for terrorist Yakub menon.

It was NDTV which extended full support to Azadi gang in JNU lead by Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Kahlid. Despite the video showed that these shameless creatures  held a conference on praising Afzal Guru, the terrorist who was hanged for 2001 Parliament attack, the NDTV jounos called him innocent and extended their support.

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Now, lets talk about Ravish Kumar’s brother.

Not many people know Ravish’s brother Brijesh kumar pandey was the vice President of Bihar congress committee. He was a very close aide of the Gandhis also. But this man was arrested in February 2017, after he was caught running a SEX RACKET! He was booked under POSCO ACT for molesting a minor girl and running a sex racket.

He had contested elections in congress ticket from Govind ganj ( east champaran ) during Bihar elections but had lost. When arrest warrant was issued against him, he ran away from Bihar escaping police. But he was denied anticipatory bail by the trial court and later was thrown to jail.

His family shame doesn’t stop there. Ravish Kumar’s sister Nita Kumari Pandey was the District Program Officer of the Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan in Muzaffarpur district of Bihar. She faced serious corruption charges indulging in money laundering and massive loot. A complain was launched against her which proved that she had looted crores of money from government, after which she was suspended from the post.

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تم النشر بواسطة ‏‎Kundan Kumar‎‏ في 30 مارس، 2017

So, this family has a great history of corruption, money laundering, running sex rackets and supporting anti Nationals and terrorists.

But Ravish Kumar shamelessly talks about those people who have exposed the real face of Arundhati Roy. He says that Nationalist websites get fake training by PM Modi to attack innocents like Arundhati Roy.

How dare this man calls a lady innocent who has brazenly spoken against India? Before maligning every Nationalist websites, he should know the biggest threat to country is not  terrorists from Pakistan but traitors in India. And these people are nothing less than terrorists.

This man comes in open support of Arundhati who says Kashmir, Goa, Mizoram, Hyderabad, Nagaland, Punjab doesn’t belong to India. Does this man know that this shameless Arundhati has been booked under sedition charges for saying Kashmir is not integral part of India and calling for Azadi against India!

The only reason some journalists support criminals is because they have age old relation with Congress and left, they are heavily funded by scamster politicians and given all favours. Journalists are given posh houses in Delhi, lands, free travel expense and resorts by politicians to woo them. So many journalists only act as puppets in the hands of Politicians dancing to their tunes misusing media for their personal benefit.

What morality does Ravish Kumar has to speak against Nationalists and call them with names, malign them and say they get trained by Modi to spread fake news.This shameless man Ravish Kumar should first look at himself and his great family with sex racket history before making fake allegations against Nationalists.

Aishwarya S