Read! Does Brahmin Bashing Really Deserve its Due??

  1. Are Brahmins not humans ?

Are Brahmins not humans? Don’t Brahmins desire comforts, luxury and wealth for themselves and their near and dear ones, the way all people do? These are some questions which are crying from centuries to be answered but nobody is answering to them.

2. Who are Brahmins ?

Brahmins are community who always believe in excelling Academia. They always kept this tradition alive to give Knowledge and Science more priority than any other material wealth. But unfortunately today Brahmins are described as cunning, parasitic exploiters and creators of the caste system.

3. History of Anti Brahmin propaganda 

You don’t need big brain to make out that Anti Brahmin story was planned and planted by hostile religious invaders like Mughals and Britishers and by politicians to keep the public blind and at the same time rob Indians off anything. India had been ruled by Mughals for over 800 years and by Britishers for over 200 years. Will you question Brahmins for your plight and decay ? 

Today Brahmins are like Jews of Nazi time. The reason behind hatred of Brahmin is similar to Jews. Just like Jews, Brahmins too only believe in Knowledge collection. Even truth is just antagonistic. Jews got inspired from Brahmins. Before Invasion Saudi Arabia demography was divided among Brahmins and Jews. But after invasion of Islam over there Brahmins and Jews both were thrown out of that land. 

It is very important to know that Knowledge is the best tool to survive in this world and Brahmins were master of it. Devil of this Mother Earth never want to make life easy for Brahmins because they know that if Brahmins are living peacefully then they can never plunder the society. 

The Anti Brahmin propaganda started and got accelerated by the time of Britishers because Britishers knew that India is a very wealthy and educated nation. India’s Educational institutes were second to none. If they have to rule this nation they need to first destroy this framework and hence Britishers planted stories of Caste System and after gradually covering this nation make sure that this nation believe that Brahmins are real traitors and to gain superiority they made this Caste System. 

Britishers used this quote and practically implemented this – “repeat a lie a hundred times and it will become the truth”.

  1. What is the contribution of Brahmin and Can you find one community in world who got attacked by Brahmins ?

The world has a very short memory. The world has forgotten the contribution made by Brahmins to our society. It was not just learning Vedas, Maths, Astronomy and political science, but the sacrifice they have done for entire human kind by developing Ayurveda, Pranayama, Kamasutra, Natyasastra and Yoga.

No community in this world can challenge Brahmins that Brahmins had conquered or killed any other community or people of different community. 

  1. What is status currently of Brahmins ? 

Please reflect upon today’s pathetic state of Brahmins!

Did you also know that most rickshaw pullers in Banaras are Brahmins? Did you know that you also stumble upon a number of Brahmins working as coolies at Delhi’s railway stations? 50 per cent of Patel Nagar’s (New Delhi) rickshaw pullers are Brahmins. 75 per cent of domestic help and cooks in Andhra Pradesh are Brahmins. There is no reason to believe that the condition of Brahmins in other parts of the country is different. The percentage of Brahmins that live below poverty line is almost 60.

Thousands of Brahmins kids immigrating to US for jobs and they make good software engineers or scientists. Why didn’t the government of India think about such brain drain that too when India lacks manpower?

The per capita income of various communities as stated by the Karnataka state finance minister in the state assembly sometime back: Christians Indian Rupees (Rs) 1,562, Vokkaligas Rs 914, Muslims Rs 794, Scheduled castes Rs 680, Scheduled Tribes Rs 577 and Brahmins Rs 537.

At Tamil Nadu’s Ranganathaswamy Temple, a priest’s monthly salary was Rs 300(Census Department studies) and a daily allowance of one measure of rice some time ago. The government staff at the same temple receive Rs 2,500 plus per month. But these facts have not modified the priests’ reputation as ‘haves’ and ‘exploiters.’

I will end this article with the same question with which we have started this discussion. 

Are Brahmins not human ?

Abhishek Kumar**