Read how the Congress government 5 years ago used “Brute force” against peaceful protestors led by Baba Ramdev

Ask PM Modi “When will the black money hidden in foreign banks come back to India?

PM Modi will reply with all the progress in this matter.  But what will our Congress reply? It will use brute force to suppress your question.

Yes, Congress is a party which don’t want to harm the stone pelters or the terrorists but dont mind to attack peaceful protestors who are demanding for some positive change.

It has been 5 years to this incident when the police force was used its violent methods on the peaceful protestors led by Baba Ramdev in Ram Leela Maidan. After all they were asking to get back the black money but the then Congress Govt wasn’t willing to do so because of major part of their “hard earned” money was deposited in Swiss banks.

The protestors were of all the age groups. People from various parts of the country had assembled in Ram Leela Maidan in order to pressurize the govt to take a better decision for the nation’s sake.

Little past midnight the police arrived at the protest location on clear orders of the Congress leaders. They fired tear gas shells and resorted to lathi charge on the protestors. The government’s intension was clear, they wanted this protest to end or else it may go to a level which may destabilize the government.  Congress didn’t want this to happen.

There was even fire at the place of protest and it was due to the firing of tear gas shells. The police didn’t even have the basic common sense that teargas shouldn’t be used at midnight when the peaceful protestors are sleeping.  The fire which had erupted didn’t cause further damage as it was put out immediately.

The Congress which always advocates of not to hurt stone pelters in the valley but the peaceful protestors in the Ram Leela Maidan were brutally treated by its own government.

Even the Rapid Action Force (RAF) was used by the government to curb the voice of the protestors. Finally the hunger strike of Baba Ram dev came to an end.  Baba Ram dev later said that the government is involved in betrayal and cheating. Several protestors were hospitalised on that night.

Would the Congress government do the same if the protest was held by Assaduddin Owaisi? Rahul Gandhi ran towards Madhya Pradesh to visit the farmers, he visited protests during Rohit Vermula’s death; he even showed his concerns during Aklaq’s death. But the peaceful protestors can be silenced using brute force by his government. Is it because, it was led by a man who wore saffron dress or is Congress afraid of getting exposed if the black money holders name is disclosed?

There are several questions for which the answer is already is known to all. But will these be proved in the court?

Rajat Bhandary