Read Why Government Issued Order to SHUT DOWN NDTV!!!

What can be called as a big slap to NDTV, the central government has issued notice to NDTV channel to Shut down NDTV on 9th November for revealing sensitive information during the Pathankot terror attack.

The NDTV which is a known for making habitual and deliberate mistakes had gone too far when it disclosed the army positions and bunkers which could be used by the terrorists or their supporters to cause massive danger to the Nation.

The IB inter ministerial committee has recommended that the Hindi news channel of NDTV will have to be put off for a day for revealing the strategically –sensitive information of the army during the Pathankot attack. According to reports the NDTV will be off air on 9th November.

After NDTV Pathankot coverage, there was massive outrage in the social media demanding the Shutdown of NDTV for putting the nation’s security at stake. The NDTV had revealed the ammunitions stockpiled in the airbase, fuel tanks, helicopters, bunkers, fighter planes, rocket launchers which are kept in highly secured area.

The NDTV had blatantly replied that the information and visuals were not sensitive and is already in the public domain.  The IB ministry expressed grave concern saying that there is no way such information can be publicized and is a question of National security. Thess information’s can be potentially used by terrorists and anti social elements which can put lives of soldiers at risk.

The move by the government is welcome as NDTV had crossed all limits and had been doing the mistake repeatedly. Despite of many warning and complaints, the NDTV continued to reveal sensitive information even during Uri attack. They deliberately posted information’s on army live operations.

The NDTV had also threatened to sue many social media activists who had questioned about their irresponsible reporting. It’s not the first time NDTV has misused their position, a thorough investigation will have to be conducted to know whether NDTV does it on purpose to help their masters across border.

Aishwarya S