Read How PM Modi Uses Best Trick to Show Opposition Their Place!

PM Modi aims to use public opinion as tool to show its place to the notorious opposition

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has already made it clear that the government is willing to debate on demonetization issue. But, as expected, the opposition parties are wasting time with continuous uproar. MPs from the party involved in rampant corruption as well the ones from parties involved in chit fund scams are not allowing the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha to work. Surprisingly, the man who started his political career with protests against the corrupt has come out to oppose the government’s move that has forced the corrupt to burn their black money.

Time to show the reality to notorious elements 

From economists and World Bank Executives to activists like Anna Hazare, and from the common man in Tamil Nadu to citizens from Kashmir, PM Modi has received considerable support from all quarters.

Public opinion is what really matters in a democracy.  Thus, on Tuesday, Prime Minister Modi has urged every Indian to share his/her opinion about demonetization move via Narendra Modi application for smartphone and tablet PCs.

News reports also suggest that the PM has urged all the MPs to interact with people in their constituency and address their fears, doubts about the move.

Political analysts believe that the Prime Minister is trying to reach out to every Indian in order to clear the confusion that the opposition parties are trying to create in people’s mind.

Thus, PM Modi wants people to directly respond and express their opinion in front of the government. It will also help the NDA Government to understand if certain parts of the country are still facing a cash crunch and other issues. The data will help the central government to revert back to the ‘corrupt’ opposition parties and their idiotic claims suggesting nothing positive has happened due to demonetization of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes.

Most of the surveys and public interaction videos suggest that people support the move and are willing to face inconvenience for long-term benefit.

The government is confident about the steps that it has taken and has full faith in long-term benefits that the country’s economy, as well as people, will witness.

The procedure is very simple. Download the application on your smartphone or tablet PC. Then, fill up the simple registration form. Select demonetization survey, select your language and click OK. You can rate the demonetization move by answering simple questions. You also get the opportunity to write suggestions and detailed feedback in the last part.

Nitten Gokhaley


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