Read Why President Elect Donald Trump Blasted United Nations!

America’s President-elect Donald Trump has strongly dismissed the United Nations as a “club” where people “have a good time” in a recent tweet.

Trump’s frank criticism comes as a reaction to the UN Security Council resolution that has condemned Israeli settlements in the Palestinian Territories. The resolution was able to pass only because outgoing President Barack Obama decided that the US will abstain from voting. The UN and Obama administration have been hostile to Israel for a long time now, and their bias has blinded them to condemning attacks by Palestine on Israel, like Palestine’s rocket firing and knife attacks on Israelis. The fires that destroyed Israeli homes and left 80,000 people homeless last month was an arson attack of terrorism. This atrocity failed receive any sympathy or condemnation from the UN.

As Indians, we can understand Israel’s plight when we continue to grapple with the problem of having a neighbouring nation which funds terrorism. We can also relate to the futility of the UN’s resolutions which are often driven by political players who do not study the situation at hand, and vote based on personal interests. The UN’s comments on Indo-Pak relations, and the wish that everything should be resolved by “dialogue” is quite useless as Pakistan continues to violate ceasefire. The UN needs to analyse actions on the ground and hold nations accountable. With the threat of ISIS still far from resolved, the world needs stricter measures to fight terrorism. This calls for a new, bolder United Nations, which commits itself to action and not just words.

In his tweet, Trump expresses sadness over the wastage of resources on the UN. UN’s wastage translates into the waste of lives that cannot be imagined or measured  only in money. The bloodshed in France and Germany, the hell that Syria has become, and our martyrs on India’s borders— the world is craving for practical solutions to terror. Is the UN listening?

 Arushi Bahuguna