Read how Prithviraj Chauhan and Sardar Patel’s good values made the entire India suffer

A coward will never win a war front of a brave warrior and this was rightly proved in 1190 AD. Prithviraj Chauhan had defeated Mohammad Ghori will ease. Later this coward Ghori fell on Prithviraj Chauhan’s feet and pleaded to let him go. We are taught to bow our head only front of god but Ghori was trembling with fear after looking at Prithviraj Chauhan’s bravery that he started pleading for mercy.

This was the real Rajput King, fierce warrior but full of values which you cannot find in any doctored history textbooks. Letting go the defeated opponent, showing mercy, humanity depicts the culture in which Prithviraj Chauhan was born. He showed mercy on a person who didn’t deserve it. Chauhan didn’t calculate
the degree of mistake he was committing.
This pig named Ghori attacked again on Chauhan along with his group of pigs. But this time defeat embraced Prithviraj Chauhan.

To forgive and let go his enemy, Ghori hadn’t read Bhagwad Gita. Ghori’s book recommends him to pluck the eyes of the war prisoner and rape his wife in front of him. Ghori followed every word of it. He dragged Prithviraj Chauhan to Afghanistan. Chauhan’s both eyes were plucked and both of his legs were chained and left him to starve. If Prithviraj Chauhan had killed Ghori in the first battle, then his peaceful religion wouldn’t have spread in India.

1750: Nawab of Bengal Siraj-udin-Daula had attacked on the British. The British were on the back foot but Robert Clive secretly approached Nawab’s commander Mir Jafar and made a deal with him. So Mir Jafar directly came towards the Nawab and said that “Your Army is lead by a commander like me, so if you come to the battlefield then it’s a disgrace to me”. Nawab thinks that his commander may get embarrassed if he goes to battlefield, so he doesn’t go to fight. Mir Jafar smartly surrendered to the British. Here if Nawab wasn’t hesitant then history would have changed.

But the story of 1946 is too bad. If Sardar Vallabha Bhai Patel had taken a bold decision then the Indian history would have changed.

Due to the struggle of Bhagat Singh, Bose and many more, freedom was within India’s reach. So Congress decided to call a meeting to decide on whom to appoint as the first Prime Minister. There were 17 members and out of it, 13 members supported Patel. At this crucial moment, do you know what the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi said?

“We need a Cambridge graduate to diplomatically handle the British and Nehru is friendly with Muslims too. He is a suitable person to create communal harmony and if he’s denied this, he may turn to a rebel and due to this, freedom to India may be delayed.”

Mahatma Gandhi was a god then, so is it possible to say no to a god?

Vallabha Bhai Patel wrote a written letter saying he is not in Prime Ministerial race. In this way he handed over India’s future into Nehru’s hand. Can we blame Mr Patel for allowing Nehru to become the PM? We know how Nehru gradually used our democracy according to his convenience. Patel’s small mistake or hesitance led to Nehru led dynasty rule which till date has not come to an end. From internal issues to Kashmir issues, Nehru is directly responsible.

Let us ignore the barbaric Islam invaders, let us ignore the destruction caused by them. But let us never forget the damages done to our nation by our own people. From Nehru to Rahul Gandhi, these have used India’s Constitution like a toy. These blame Army,these insult one of the oldest living religion but still go unpunished.

If Prithviraj Chauhan, Siraj-udin-Daula and Vallabha Bhai Patel had pushed aside their hesitance and took a bold decision, today India would have been a “Ram Rajya”.

Vikrant Raj**