Read What Families of Uri Marty’s Say about Kejriwal and Congress!

Arvind Kejriwal had raised doubts in his video about the authenticity of the strikes, Chidambaram had questioned whether the strikes actually took place or not, & Sanjay Nirupam went on to term the strikes “˜fake”™.

Not only have these three politicians & their parties been viciously berated by ex-army men, defence experts & the public, but even a martyr”™s family has spoken up against them. Naik SK Vidyarthi who hails from Bihar had attained martyrdom in the Uri Attack. His family minced no words when talking about the appalling statements of these politicians.

“Such politicians who make such bizarre comments only add to our pain. All these politicians are Pakistani agents & they should be hanged,” said Kiran, wife of martyr SK Vidyarthi. The family also said that these politicians should leave India & go to Pakistan.

“For the sake of power, these leaders are trying to turn India into Pakistan & this is extremely painful for us,” said Aarti, daughter of martyr SK Vidyarthi.

The real reasons behind these pathetic statements by Kejriwal and Congress are obviously not known right now, but it”™s understandable that their hatred towards Prime Minister Modi  who has shown an unprecedented leadership quality and taken firm decision on surgical strikes will definitely make bring huge credit. It only proves Kejriwal and Congress are desperately trying to take political advantage before Punjab and UP elections. But in the process of belittling the Prime Minister, these politicians have touched a new-low by questioning the credibility of the army ““ the most (& if not the only) truly secular & patriotic institution in the country.

For any true Indian the country and Army comes first & it will continue to remain so.

Jai Hind!

Vinayak Jain