Read who paid Rs 800 crores to Kashmiri stone pelters to create unrest in Kashmir?!

The intelligence Bureau today have revealed a shocking information that since 2016 to 2017, the Kashmiri stone pelters have received Rs 800 crores to create unrest in the Kashmir valley.

But the astonishing fact is, the money has come from ISI through few Kashmiri separatists. Apart from Kashmiri separatists, the money has also flown threw few politicians. The main agenda of the ISIS was to create unrest and violence in Kashmir, and they had specifically instructed the stone pelters to target security forces and the Indian army. The IB reported that large chunks of cash were carried by terrorists which were later handed over to separatists in Kashmir. The money was usually given at borders during night said the report.

According to IB, the plan to create unrest was planned before June 2016, but after the death of Burhan Wani, ISIS instructed the separatist not to let the issue die and use the opportunity to turn against the Modi government.

But the biggest blow came after the government announced demonetization and the terrorists and separatists fell short of cash. But it is said that many politicians had transferred huge amount of money through hawala transaction to continue the violence.

But apart from stone pelting, large amount of money was also used on radicalizing youths in the valley. Kids from the age group of 5yrs were taught to hate India and embrace Jihad. They were brain washed to say they want to be Burhan Wani and want to fight against India for Islam. Separatists had also started many websites which taught bomb making and radicalized youth through various wrong Islamic preaching.

Some of the websites have found to have speeches of Al-Queda and Hafiz Saeed against India. Huge amount was being paid to separatists for radicalization through social media and messaging applications.

Separate money was paid to those who raised Pakistan and ISIS flags in Kashmir and the flags were also being supplied by the separatists, told the report. The money trail is being investigated by the CBI and initial investigation indicated that many politicians were directly involved in facilitating hawala transactions.

Watch! You will be shocked to know what this 5 year kid told about Kashmir and India!

Aishwarya S


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