After reading these 8 points Hindus will never vote for Congress

A political party usually should not associate itself with any particular. But today almost all the political parties are associated with a particular religion. That is not a problem but the problem starts when a party starts to destroy a religion. This is what Congress doing from past few decades. Below are 8 points, after reading it no Hindu will ever vote for Congress.

  1. Congress is the world leader in Scams:

One of the greatest contributions to India from the Indian National Congress is scams. It has taken this word so seriously that no other party can overtake it in the field of scams. The scams are so notorious that whoever tried to expose had to lose their lives. If the scams wouldn’t have occurred than India would have been a top developed nation. All thanks to Congress.

  1. Saffron/Hindu Terrorism:

Congress is the party which tried to tag Hindus as terrorists for mere appeasement politics. Then Congress PM Manmohan Singh openly said that he didn’t get sleep when an innocent Muslim youth was arrested in bomb blast case in a foreign nation. But it got sadistic pleasure when innocent Hindus tortured.

Yes, I am talking of the term called as Saffron terrorism. It was a master plan of Congress to embarrass the Hindu community. Though Pakistani nationals were arrested in the Samjhuatha Express blast, they were let free within 14 days and later the Congress tagged Swami Aseemanand and other Hindu organisations for the blast. To all those who think women are safe under Congress, don’t forget that a young girl who had several dreams in her eyes to serve humanity was treated cruelly than a terrorist. She is Sadhvi Pragya.

Listen to Sushil Kumar Shinde


  1. Digvijay Singh:

He is the real legend who cannot shut his mouth when it comes to hurt Hindus. The whole world knows that it was Pakistani funded terrorists who attacked Mumbai on 2008. But detectives of Congress decoded a mystery and said that 26/11 Mumbai was masterminded by RSS.

Digvijay Singh released a book on Mumbai attack named “26/11 : RSS Ki Sazish” (An RSS conspiracy) and tried to fool the world that the attack was made by RSS. Now is he saying that Ajmal Kasab was RSS Karyakartha?

Would he dare to say that various terrorist attacks on India were carried out by Islamic terrorists?

Digvijay Singh on several occasions had called Jammu & Kashmir as India Occupied Kashmir and Congress never condemned it.


  1. Soft corner towards Pakistan:

It’s not a secret that Pakistan is Congress’s sibling. Whenever Indian army attacked Pakistan, Congress gets deeply hurt and advocates for peace talks. The relationship (better to call it an affair) between Congress and Pakistan is so deep that Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar asked Pakistan’s help to defeat Modi in elections.

Congress is the party which nurtured terrorists and called them separatists.


  1. Anti Hindu Policies:

Congress has mastered the art of hurting Hindu sentiments. Congress got so irked when Modi govt tried to curb the illegal cattle trade that it went ahead and slaughtered a cow in broad daylight in Kerala. The person who slaughters the cow was the right hand of the Youth Icon (47 years) Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi once said that the devotees who visit temple are the one who tease women.

Congress showed its sympathy only on minorities but never took it seriously when majority community of India toiled hard day and night for the nation’s development. A small stone pelted on a church becomes a serious issue for Congress but series of temples were destroyed but Congress enjoyed looking at it.

Majority of Congress voters are Hindus but watch how they slaughtered a holy cow


  1. Congress allowed Conversion of Hindu’s:

If a person likes another religion’s principles, then he can follow that particular religion. But forced conversion or promising to give huge sum of money for getting converted is a wrongful act. Congress since Independence never opposed mass conversion of Hindus but when Hindu organisations decided to get back the ones who were converted to Islam and Christianity back to Hinduism, Congress was the first party to oppose this. Why this biased nature?

  1. Minority Appeasement policy:

We had seen how Congress acts like the patent holder of the word “secularism” even though it never followed it. In Karnataka regularly RSS or Hindu organisation men are hacked to death but Congress leaders never condemned it thinking that it may affect its vote bank politics.

Appeasement politics is so widely practiced by Congress that Karnataka government celebrates birth anniversary of Tipu Sultan as Tipu Jayanti on November 10th. Tipu had butchered lakhs of Hindus but still Congress didn’t find it wrong to support his birth anniversary.

  1. Partition of the country:

The main culprits are Nehru and Jinnah. There was a chance of Jinnah being the President of India but Nehru also didn’t want to stay away from power. But Mahatma Gandhi did his best to convince Nehru but finally Nehru’s greed emerged victorious. How can one forget the mass killing of Hindus during the partition?

So before casting your precious vote, read these 8 points and then go to the voting booth. A small mistake of yours may ruin the Hindu community.

Source: wiseindiantongue.com

Deepak Aswale

Vikrant Raj