Real Dabangg Cop!!! He took 10 kg bomb on his shoulder and sprinted for nearly 1 kilometre and saved 400 school children

We’ve heard many tales of heroism especially by our soldiers on the border and in wars that we’ve fought. But we forget about those heroes who are around us and are a part of our daily lives, who sacrifice their everyday for our safety – our police. Sadly, we have this preconceived notion that the police are corrupt. This is so deeply set in our minds that we can’t seem to change it. But not all policemen are corrupt. In fact, majority do their jobs with diligence and honesty.

This is one such tale where a constable risked his own life to save the lives of 400 school children! Head Constable Abhishek Patel carried a bomb weighing 10 kg and ran with it to make sure the school children were at a safe distance. He carried it for almost one kilometre until he felt the children were safe.

Abhishek said his sole motive was to take the bomb away from the residential area and the children. There was news that there was a bomb in a school in Bhopal. The police were informed immediately. The bomb disposalsquad arrived within minutes. On arriving, the police immediately started the procedure to evacuate the school.

For few minutes, the bomb was lying at the spot. It was Abhishek Patel who made the effort and picked up the unexploded artillery shell and went on to run 1 km. Even journalists were unaware of the incident and only one was able to take a quick video.

Patel said that he’d learnt that if the bomb exploded then it would have caused damage in a radius of 500 meters. The Army was soon informed about the bomb.Inspector General of Police Satish Saxena announced a reward for Patel for showing exemplary courage.

People don’t know about this incredible act of bravery as the media has almost unanimously not shown any interest in highlighting it. They’ve been too busy in asking for the resignation of certain chief minister despite him doing a fabulous job of curbing riots. But we must take a moment to applaud the sheer guts that Abhishek Patel showed and we must also ensure that more and more people know about this incredible act.

Vinayak Jain