“Hope she doesn’t start playing in Khaki Chaddis”! If this jibe was directed at anybody other than Saina feminists would have flooded streets in protest!

Ace Badminton player Saina Nehwal joined BJP!

Just like blocking Delhi’s main roads in the name of protests at Shaheen Bagh is democratic choice and right and whatever! Saina chose BJP. As soon as the young achiever chose a party with which the communist liberals who hide behind the fancy names such crusaders of feminism, equality, human rights blah blah blah launched an attack on Saina!

Her choice was ridiculed, her achievements were belittled, a person went ahead and took a jibe at her “Hope she doesn’t start playing in Khaki Shorts”! These are the same people who attack Vivek Oberoi on a shared meme about Aishwarya Rai but sorry Saina you chose BJP hence feminist in India won’t back you or raise voice against those who are launching stupid attacks on you on social media.

Caralisa Monteiro (i am so sorry i didnt know you were a jingle singer, forgive us you are not as popular as Saina is), made that disgusting remark on Saina wearing Khaki Shorts, and mind you she is a TedX speaker.. She boasts to be everything an ideal feminism claims to be yet their integrity is as hollow and shallow as Rahul Gandhi’s wit!

Jwala Gutta, a fellow badminton player, who was mire in news for her alleged affair with Mohammad Azharuddin than accomplishment in field of Badminton says-
” Pehli Baar suna hai, bewajah khelna shuru kiya bewajah party join kar liya”
Yes Ms Gutta ji bewajah many things do happen just like that alleged affair. Saina won medals you see which you failed to in your planned ‘wajah’ wali career! You call yourself a sportsman?! Shame on you for not even carrying a sportsman spirit!

More than you fake, lime light seeking feminists people like Saina’s father Harvir Singh Nehwal is a true feminist! He supported his daughter in every step,walk, if her life even when there was so much opposition in his own family against the decision Saina took.. he sacrificed his personal life andade her daughter so capable, she achieved great things not just for her, not just for him, but for the country which she dearly loves!

Thank you Saina, for making is proud. Do not let these low lives distract you even a bit! Go ahead and there is lot you can achieve for us the common people who believe in you!

Dr. Sindhu Prashanth


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