Real face of Hardik Patel exposed!!! It was a drama to support Patidars, my real intention is……..

“The point is to defeat the BJP and not reservation”

By saying the above sentence, Hardik Patel revealed that till date his fight to ensure reservations for Patidars was just a drama. The real intention of Hardik was to defeat the ruling BJP in the state of Gujarat.

In a press conference on Friday, Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) leader Hardik Patel said that his sole intention is to defeat the BJP and he is not at all focused on leading the Patidars in their fight to secure reservation.

Hardik said that “Every party needs to have the intention first and foremost”. He went on to make a bizarre statement that the Congress party had the intention to give reservations to the Patidars. Hilariously, Congress never made their stand clear on reservation yet Hardik is backing the Congress in the assembly elections. By doing this, the Patidars are feeling that Hardik has cheated their community.

Congress met Hardik at midnight!!! Was it a discussion for reservation or a deal for money?

Previously, when Hardik Patel and Rahul Gandhi were found in the same luxurious hotel, suspicions rose as Hardik left the hotel with full packed bags and the media suspected it to be hard cash.

But Hardik said in the press meet that “they (Congress) met me at 12 in the night, we discussed the matter for three hours. If they did not have the intention they would not have talked at length”.

The standard of living of the farmers in Gujarat is excellent when compared to other states. But Hardik blatantly lied in the press meet saying that farmers are suffering under the BJP ruled Gujarat.

Hardik once had called Congress as ‘Chor’!!!

Yes, Hardik on October said that there is no wrong in supporting “Chor (thief) Congress” in order to defeat the saffron outfit in Gujarat.”But have patience. Do not support (Congress) just now”, he further added.

As Hardik Patel knows that he won’t have a political career in BJP as he is a big liar, he opted to sail in the ship of Congress even though he knew that Congress is a party of thieves. This symbolises that ideologically, both Congress and Hardik Patel are bankrupt and may go to any extent to gain power.

Why Gujaratis lost trust on Hardik Patel?

Initially, a lot of trust surrounded around Hardik Patel after he led the Patel agitation in Gujarat. But it didn’t take much time for the same trust to turn into hate. Yes, the main reason for this was that a case was lodged against Hardik for insulting the Indian flag. Later he even faced the wrath of police personnel after he instigated a youth to kill police men.

Obviously, the Gujaratis lost trust in this person and it stooped to further low after he joined the Congress party. After that, he was again exposed for lying that he didn’t meet Rahul Gandhi in the hotel.

CCTV footage accessed by Zee News proved that Patel walked outside Rahul Gandhi’s room and after few hours Rahul Gandhi walked out of the same room. This exposed the hypocrisy of Hardik Patel.

When Hardik felt that his lie has been exposed, he made a dramatic dialogue saying “When I meet (Rahul Gandhi), I will shout it to the entire country.”

Source: http://www.dnaindia.com/india/report-it-s-not-about-reservations-but-beating-bjp-hardik-patel-2559148

Hansika Raj