The real facts on employment generations under Modi government!

There are many discussions where Question is arising on – Where is Employment?
1. Do you know What is Employment according to Labour Ministry whose data is always shown by Likes of Sardesai and Charkha Dutt ?
Answer : According to Labour Ministry Person who is working in Public Sector(Government) or Private Organised Sector is known as Employed.
2. What this definition means ?
It means you run a Shop, restaurant or anything having less than 10 people working then you are not an employee.
3. How this is a big problem?
This is a very big problem, Data will be of No use if you don’t analyse or collect data of informal sectors because they earn twice the value one formal employee earns.
Now Let’s come to the point of Employment Generation in India by Narendra Modi Government
1. Since the start of MUDRA financing which is here to support MSME which is actually major major share of Employment in India, 7 crore + Loans Sanctioned in 2015-2017 with a amount of more than 4 lakh crore. It directly means 7 crore people are doing New Business it can be anything and Now Understand the Employment Generation which never get reported to Labour Ministry.
2. Stand UP India – By this Initiative Women and Dalit Entrepreneurs are being created. One Bank Branch is funding One Entrepreneur. One Entrepreneur has capacity to generate so many Employment. There are more than 10000 branch of Banks and Thus if 10000 New Business are getting Open then Understand its meaning.
3. Labours in Infrastructure Development- Road Creation from 4-6 KM per day has been increased to 26 KM per day which leads to more and more employment. Nitin Gadkari had already given Order of 6.4 lakh crores in Road Sector. It is basic Economic Law that Investment of 1 lakh crore generated and gives Employment opportunity to 10 lakh people. Now Calculate.
4. Investment in Electrification and Solar
How many of you know that more than 1 lakh crore is getting invested in these projects and It is common sense that Employment is getting generated when this humongous task of Electrification is being done.
5. Textile Industry is the biggest contributor to Employment and After the implementation of National Textile Policy and investment of 12000 crore immediately It is quite obvious that this field will pioneer the Employment.
6. Skill India which is running across Nation to skill the people and certify them with new Skills has generated and delivered 1.36 lakh Jobs .
7. Observe any sector, manufacturing, fishery, shipping and waterways etc all are surging ahead with employment figures.
Apart from all this Labour Ministry too didn’t tell that Job declined, It simply says that It’s not surging at high speed. The reason is Unlimited Employment Generation without Requirement by many IT Companies in past. So they are now laying off. Second thing is MNREGA Fake Job Cards which this Government found after linking it to Aadhaar. It’s 87 lakh
What I Conclude is – You can’t use labour ministry data to put your opinion on employment generation, its much beyond that.

Abhishek kumar