Who are real Gou rakshaks, how and where did the term originate?

My brother-in-law who lives in a small village in North Karnataka, has 2 cows and 2 calves in his house presently. Like most of the villagers, he too has always had cows in his house. Most villagers (even the non-Hindus) believe that cows increase the auspiciousness (Shobha) in the house. Of course, the cows also provide for other benefits like milk and fuel. In the past he had a beautiful brown cow who used to go for grazing with the other cows in the neighbourhood. Once, all the rest of the cows came back agitated, but this brown cow was missing. For the first time, cattle thieves had entered the village and stolen a cow. My brother-in-law, his wife and other neighbours searched thoroughly for the cow. When they went to the Panchayat to report the missing cow, they were told to forget about the cow. Apparently the nearby villages had reported theft of their cattle too & the police were reluctant to help, since ONLY HUMAN LIFE WAS VALUABLE.

It is difficult to describe to one living in the urban areas how horrible the villagers felt then. For them, the cow is a loved one. It is true that when she becomes old, they abandon her, but in most villages there is land reserved for cattle to graze freely – Gou Char Bhoomi. So they never felt the guilt for the same. It is only in the past 1 generation that two things have happened:

  • Gou Char Bhoomi is disappearing.
  • Gou Matas are disappearing.

Gou Char Bhoomi is disappearing as and when Government DENOTIFIES such land & reserve it for industries, building houses, etc. It is a very unfortunate happening. Government and People should understand that GouCharBhoomi is NOT WASTELAND. It is that land on which Humans do not have a right – it is the land for the cattle of the village.

Gou Mata, calves, bulls disappearing is also a phenomenon which has started after the introduction of the Mixed breed, Exotic breed and Jersey breed of cows into our Bharat. The reason why these animals were introduced and forcibly inseminated into our Indigenous breed of Cows, is to introduce the PINK REVOLUTION – the export of beef from India to other countries.

Till the 1950s there was no term “Gou-Rakshak” extensively in use … this was because there was no need for it. It is only in the late 60s that this term was used extensively. By this time, thanks to Government policies, the indigenous breed of cows – BOS INDICUS, had started reaching the slaughter houses. But this reached alarming proportions when Rajiv Gandhi came into power. He encouraged the formation of slaughter houses all over Bharat and reportedly, was a partner in one of the biggest slaughter house in Bharat. Under the pretext of eliminating ill cows, many Indian breed of cows were culled. Another excuse given was that this encouraged Muslims to find jobs in the leather industry.Goushalas were taxed and got no protection, but slaughter houses got subsidies and benefits from the Government. But what people did not understand is that introduction of the mixed breed of cows was made only because of its beef. These cows weigh more than BosIndicus cows and are fleshier. Also, the bulls of these mixed breed are useless as draught animals. Therefore these bulls and calves were a burden to the farmers, who then sold them off perforce.

The result of this was 3 fold:

  • Introduction of exotic breeds caused the Indian breed of cows to reduce from 78+ breeds during Independence to just 35 today.
  • Good quality A2 milk given by our Indian Breed of cows was replaced by cancer producing A1 milk. Production of Natural Fertilizers also was reduced.
  • Ayurvedic medicines production was affected because these used only Indian breed of cows’ milk, ghee, urine.

The only profiteers were the crony politicians, fertilizer companies, beef exporters, and pharmaceutical companies. The Losers were the farmers, cattle-rearers and the entire population of Bharat.

About 20-25 years ago, China faced a real problem of shortage of milk. This is because they had killed most of their cows during the famines and food shortages that they had faced in the past. Now they are the 3rd largest producer of milk, thanks to the import of cows from New Zealand and other countries. But today, they face a big problem of lactose intolerance, because these cows are not their Native Breed and their body is unable to adapt to this milk.

Today India is facing a severe problem. That Cow – Gou Mata, who has been responsible in many ways for the growth of the Bharatiya civilization, is now treated as just an animal, without any rights. People think that there is no harm in slaughtering her. After all, human life is more important! But to preserve this very human life, one has to preserve the Cow. Organic farming depends on the cow, good quality milk is got from the cow, fuel in the villages comes from the cow, good health & preventive medicine comes from the cow, our existence as Humans depends on the cow. Gou-Mata is the measure of our humanity, they are our conscience keepers … the day we threw out our aged cattle from our house and sent them to our slaughter houses, we started on the path of disrespecting our parents and elders. The day we exploited our cow to serve our physical craving alone, that day we exploited our women. I am sure that if we were to check our crime statistics, one would find a co-relation between murders, killings and cow slaughters. The day we started killing the cow which feeds us more than she feeds her own offspring, and then show it off as a legitimate way of earning money for the Nation, we have started on the downward path of destruction of our civilization.

Gou Rakshaks originally were those villagers who prevented criminals from stealing cattle. When these thieves started supplying to slaughter houses wantonly, Gou Rakshaks were forced to form organized forces to protect the innocent cattle. When these criminals started using brute force, cruel means to torture the cattle to transport and kill them, Gou Rakshaks started using force to stop this horrible activity. When these cruel criminals used cow smuggling and slaughter for financing Terrorism and Flesh trade, Nationalists became Gou Rakshaks.

But today anti-nationalists who have nothing to do with Gou Raksha, are wearing the masks of being a Gou-Rakshak and are only indulging in beating, lynching & other criminal activities. Is there even one report of these so-called ‘gourakshaks’ having saved even one Gou Mata? Is there even one report of these so-called ‘gourakshaks’ of having rehabilitated even one Gou Mata? Is there any evidence of these so-called ‘gourakshaks’ as having protected any village, any house from having their cattle stolen? NO!!! These people are not Rakshaks (protectors), they are Bhakshaks (destroyers). They should be called Criminals and should be locked-up for life. They are not cow-vigilantes, they are the actual killers of the cows! And they get support from the Opposition Political Parties and the sickularist Media!

The Government under the able guidance of PM Modiji need to formulate a policy to ensure that cattle theft is reported and solved within a time frame. This will help the lakhs of farmers who are already reeling under various problems, to avoid the loss of income & forcible debt when they lose their cattle and are forced to buy new cattle. The true Gou Rakshaks can be used as volunteers and as part of task forces to battle this very serious crime which affects the SOUL of this country. Stop the slaughter of Cows … stop the Pink Revolution … We do not need to earn money from the blood of Gou-Mata.

Jai Hind !!!

Vande Gou Mataram!!!

Rati Hegde**


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