What is the real picture of Jayalalitha’s health??

Some of the so called media houses have irresponsibly reported that CM Jayalalitha has already passed away. Many regional channels both in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and many other states started showing flash news that CM had passed just to gain more TRP! Including IndianExpress many channels posted tweets about CM passing away.

Following the irresponsible act, the hospital authorities immediately tweeted that the news about Jayalalitha passing away is false and she was still on life support.

This sort of irresponsible reporting just to get more views, is disgraceful to the ethics of journalism and shows how reliable these so called news channels and print media are! These people should not be let go scot free and should be punished with heavy fine.

There false reporting caused sudden chaos near the hospital and also anti social elements tried to gain advantage of the situation by attacking shops and throwing stones at vehicles in Chennai. It is very unfortunate that people would use a sad demise of a CM for their personal benefit.

Aishwaraya S