What is the Real Strategy Behind Rahul Gandhi’s Allegations Against Prime Minister Modi?

Decades of being involved in public & political life, & not once had anyone accused Narendra Modi of corruption. All sorts of vile accusations have been levied against him, but never did any opponent dare accuse him of corruption. Then why has Rahul Gandhi out of the blue done so? It is nothing but a face-saving strategy by the Congress & a few other opposition parties.

The ‘Earthquake’ Comment

  • Still a few days were left in the Winter Session, & Rahul Gandhi came up with a scintillating statement that if he was to speak in the parliament an ‘earthquake’ would occur. This was the beginning of Congress’s ploy.
  • Congress brought Rahul into the limelight with this comment, & all cameras hovered around him for the next few days in the anticipation that he would elaborate on how he would go about causing an ‘earthquake’ forgetting about the demonetisation debate.
  • The Congress kept disrupting the parliament, falsely accusing that the government wasn’t letting Rahul Gandhi speak because the prime minister was ‘afraid’ of him.
  • Then, came the press conference. But even in it Rahul didn’t say anything concrete except that he had evidence of corruption against Prime Minister Modi.
  • The motive behind all this was to shift attention from the demonetisation to Prime Minister Modi. Congress wanted to end the session with unbacked allegations against the prime minister, & then go to the people saying that ‘Modi is afraid of us, & he didn’t let us speak against him because he’s corrupt.’

Why Speak in a Rally?

  • Finally, Rahul Gandhi spoke on the corruption charges. In a rally in Mehsana, he said that Narendra Modi had taken money from the Sahara Group when he was the chief minister of Gujarat.
  • Debating its authenticity would be a waste of time as even the courts have said that the papers Rahul Gandhi referred to were ‘fictitious’.
  • Also, one can speak freely & undisturbed in a rally, but that can’t happen in the parliament. Clearly, if he had real evidence he would have kept it in the parliament for the nation to see.

Corruption charges are from 2013, why speak now?

  • The answer to this is simple & can be divided into two parts – 1) Personal loss due to demonetisation &, 2) Law inching closer to Congress bigwigs.
  • First, the Congress is rattled by the demonetisation & the resulting losses caused to its huge stashes of black money accumulated over decades.
  • Second, the Congress is surrounded by severe corruption allegations. And it’s not the small leaders that are in the news for the wrong reasons, it’s the top leadership – 1) Manmohan Singh in Coal Scam, 2) Sonia & Rahul Gandhi in National Herald Scam &, 3) Vadra in land deals.
  • The only possible effective counter to these massive investigations would be to target the biggest face in the government – Narendra Modi.
  • The motive was simple – divert attention from their own ill deeds,& if possible ‘intimidate’ Narendra Modi into backing off from furthering the investigations on these scams.

Why Sahara?

  • Better to associate Prime Minister Modi’s name with a business tycoon who’s already had serious corruption charges against him than one who has a clean image.
  • Till now, Congress always said that ‘Modi is an agent of Ambani & Adani’, so wouldn’t it imply that Narendra Modi had much closer relations with these two businessmen than the Sahara Group? Clearly, the ‘selection’ of the Sahara Group was more a case of convenience than of actual evidence.

Also, Congress was in power in 2013, so why didn’t it do anything about the alleged corruption then? And if it didn’t know then, how can it all of a sudden get such sensational info?

I believe that after ‘Maut ka Saudagar’, this allegation will come back to haunt the Congress party most in the upcoming state elections & the 2019 general elections.

Vinayak Jain