Here is the reality behind Rahul Gandhi hugging the teacher who said her salary is very low!!!

It seems like Rahul Gandhi took a crash course from an acting school before taking part in the Gujarat election rally. As soon as he entered Gujarat he started to act by attending temples even though he doesn’t have an iota of respect towards Hinduism. Later, his team made a personal attack on PM Modi and even tried to claim the credits after Hardik Patel’s sex CD was leaked.

A Sanskrit teacher hugs Rahul Gandhi!!! But the Congress made it political!!!

On November 24, when Rahul Gandhi was loitering in Gujarat campaign, a Sanskrit teacher hugged Rahul Gandhi and wept as she was unhappy by the way teachers were treated by the government.

Congress had organized “Gyaan Adhikaar Sabha” in Ahmedabad’s Nikol and the lecturers, professors and school teachers were invited. When mike was given to Ranjana Avasthi, a PhD holder, she wept as she was unhappy with the pay scale.

“Ever since I completed my PhD in Sanskrit in 1994, we have been living in a miserable condition. Even after 22 years of service as a part-time lecturer, our salary is just Rs. 12,000 per month. Now, the government is planning to annul our entire service by offering us Rs. 40,000 salary under a fixed-pay regime. Like others, we also wanted to retire with pension benefits to be able to live a respectable life”.

How Rahul Gandhi reacted after hearing the problem of the teacher was pathetic!!!

“Sometimes, you can’t answer some questions with words”, this was the sentimental dialogue delivered by Rahul Gandhi. He didn’t stop it there as he put down his mike on the dais and walked towards the lecturer and hugged her.

Soon after this, the social media of Congress which ran out of content sprung into action. They started saying that Rahul Gandhi is people’s leader and PM Modi is ruining people’s life.

Teacher said her salary is less!!! What is the truth?

According to the Sanskrit teacher, she was working from past 22 years and her salary was just Rs 12000. The Congress hyped this without disclosing the truth to the people.

After Ms Avasthi explained her ordeal, Rahul Gandhi lied that he will change their positions the BJP government is unfair to them. But do you know what is the condition of the lecturers in Karnataka, which is ruled by Congress party?

Mr Rahul Gandhi, here we expose your hypocrisy!!!

  • She was a part-time professor and we all know the pay of part-time professor is different to the of full-time professors.
  • Even the Branch Post Masters receive the same amount like the PhD teachers even though they come under the central government.Why don’t you talk about it Mr Rahul Gandi? You will never speak because your hypocrisy will be exposed as the Branch Postal employees were mistreated by the Congress government for decades.

Hansika Raj


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