Is This the Reason Why DSP Mohammed Ayub Pandith was Lynched to Death?

In an incident that has outraged the country, Deputy Superintendent of Police Mohammed Ayub Pandith was dragged, stripped naked and then stoned to death when he was coming out of a mosque after checking access control.

But why was he killed? Did the murderers have any personal enmity with him? Doesn’t seem so. The probable reason why he was killed was because the badge on his uniform had ‘M.A. Pandith’ written on it, and the mob must have thought he was a Kashmiri Pandit. See these tweets –

If this truly is the reason why he was beaten mercilessly to death, then this should be taken as a hate crime against Hindus. This shows the level of hatred that is prevalent in Kashmir against Pandits.

This incident should make Hindus around the country think – If the real reason behind this murder was indeed anti-Hindu sentiment, then what would the Kashmiri Pandits have gone through in the 1990’s when radical Muslims were on a murderous spree? When they were dragging Pandits out of their houses, raping women, torturing and killing men? The thought makes one shudder.

If such is the vile hatred amidst the populace in the state for Pandits, then there stands no chance for them to live alongside Muslims if and when they are rehabilitated. The only option they have is to live in separate colonies with security.

Another surprising aspect of the killing has come into the limelight. According to ‘The Hindu’, Kashmiri separatist leader Mirwaiz Umar Farooq was inside the Jamia Masjid when the lynching took place. The police are now investigating his role in the lynching of the cop. Director General of Police Shesh Paul Vaid said that Mirwaiz’s role in the lynching incident will be probed.

Mirwaiz made headlines a few days back as well when he celebrated Pakistan’s win against India in the Champions Trophy Final. And now he falls under the scanner for his probable role in the lynching of Ayub Pandith.

Mirwaiz did condemn the lynching on Twitter. He wrote, “Deeply disturbed and condemn the brutal act at Nowhatta. Mob violence & public lynching is outside the parameters of our values and religion. We cannot allow state brutality to snatch our humanity and values.”

But wouldn’t we be fools to believe in the sentiment of a man who lives only to further an anti-India sentiment? It doesn’t take much to send out a tweet. Emotions can be faked, and that is what he probably did. Why would a man who’s rabidly pro-Pakistan be hurt by the killing of an Indian police officer? Clearly, he won’t.

Vinayak Jain