How to reduce Hindu population in India, this Maulvi gives most shocking advice to his followers!

A very prominent Muslim cleric in India, Sajid Rashidi, requires no introduction. He has been sighted on prime news channels, airing views on his community. His views, of course, are in staunch support of sharia laws. Many a times, his comments are controversial, subject to conservative views on Islamic doing.

In the Zee News show, ‘Fatah Ka Fatwa’, which was attended by two Islamic clerics along with three other women including two Muslim women’s activist and one representative of all India Muslim person law board, one of the clerics, Sajid Rashidi, commented, “If a sport requires women to drop their burqas, then women should not take part in the sport, they are not even meant to wrestle” said the cleric on Zee News show ‘Fatah ka Fatwa’.

His recent tweet on polygamy, where he openly suggests fellow community members to practice polygamy, and also, have large-sized family, has raised eyebrows again.


In a fast developing economy like India, such unprecedented views of people will only invite unwarranted attention. Even if people preach, in pretext of religion, such radical views should not be expected by any community.

Moreover, there are many issues concerning Islamic law, which are being treated differently under the Modi government rule. Take for example, the practice of Triple Talaq. The present government has made it amply clear that such practices should now be reviewed, in a secular country like India. It should be brought under the purview of Uniform Code Bill, than making women suffer under fundamental Islamic laws. Obviously, the recommendation of the government was opposed by staunch supporters.

On this present issue of polygamy and having 40 children, isn’t it a responsibility of every Indian citizen to curb our population growth. Even China has implemented stringent acts to prevent population growth. By inviting such statements and views, our Muslim Clerics imposing that they don’t care about the nation? Is any religion above law and order in India, no its not!

Now, when he has been bracketed by the general public, for promoting polygamy, he has another statement to defend his stand.


We don’t understand why is dragging the Hindu angle into it, when this is a national issue. His Hindu sentiment is well reflected through this tweet.


So, why is he now blaming Hindus? Rashidi, in the past, has been noted preaching something controversial all the while.


Pooja Bhatia


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