Reel life villain Prakash Raj gets ripped apart for saying “Bollywood hasn’t offered me a role since I started speaking out against Modi”!

In any of the manufacturing process, it generates scrap around 5% to 15%. This is that material, for which no one cares while they get good product at the end. So, it is not the junk and scrap we need to concentrate on, concentrate on the good part of the story. The same applies to Politics and Film Industry.

This man who has started opening his mouth when Karnataka election has come closer: The reason is, of course, he fears BJP May win and there is a possibility that he can be thrown out of Karnataka. He has started crying when Karnataka people are close to vote for its new government. And the reason: Now he’s certain that BJP will form the Government. After BJP forms the Government, he will refocus on acting and may get a job.

In an attempt to play the victim card, actor Prakash Raj claims that Bollywood has stopped offering any role to him since he started criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Prakash Raj said Bollywood hasn’t offered me role since I started speaking against Modi

2014 Election: 60 Bollywood Celebs appealed to Not Vote Modi:



Zoya Akhtar

Kabir Khan

Mahesh Bhatt

Aditi Rao etc.

All 60 doing great in Bollywood.

Why Prakash using Victim Card?

What kind of logic is this? If he needs to concentrate on acting for getting roles, then how come he was getting roles earlier? Anything and everything on the earth PM Modi needs to be blamed? If you cannot afford to get a movie, the PM is responsible? 

He might have landed jobless not because he is criticizing PM Modi but because of his uttered hate against Hindus in India and because of his anti-Hindu behavior, maybe he is now a threat to profit for any Bollywood film producer. World witnesses that anyone and anything against the PM is against the dignity of the nation.

The word “Prakash” means “light”. Do any of you see any light on his face? He reflects as his soul seems to be, filled with darkness. Prakash Raj is a character artist who works in any language as he gets paid well. Off late he may be selling his actual character for his selfish motives and unknown agenda against BJP and PM Modi. That’s why he comes up with complains and cries foul but forgets that reel life work doesn’t help in real life.

If he continues the same attitude, he would also be sidelined from Kannada movies. He is following shameless and senseless politics. Ever since PM Modi came to power he started working like Congress workers, before that he was happily doing films and everything was good in the country.

I am sure some political party has some serious dust on Prakash. There is no logical way of understanding his hatred and non-stop whining about BJP and PM Narendra Modi. He purely wanted to spread this word termed “HATE” against PM Modi; there is absolutely no other agenda. Long before he had complained that Sandalwood has sidelined so I moved to Tollywood and same is happening now. He is trying to become a politician in Karnataka.

Majority of Bollywood consists of people who support even Pakistan artistes in the industry even in times of Pak terrorists attacking India! In that case, why would they disown you? Infact, you should have been flooded with offers.

Prakash Raj is complaining that Bollywood has sidelined him after he criticised Modi.

As if he was Amitabh Bachchan before that! And why the hell he wants to work in Hindi movies, when he is member of the “anti-North India” “Hindi imposition” gumpu

He found out to be real villain basis his recent activities with the pseudo-liberals and involvement. He himself has sidelined himself from fame and chose dirty game by joining hands with the rioting, law-breaking and anti-social elements.

If 60 Bollywood personalities including several Actors, Directors and Scriptwriters who appealed during 2014 Elections that Not to Vote Modi or Vote against Modi, are not offering Role to Prakash Raj. Then, he should concentrate more on his Acting than playing Victim Card & Drama


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