The regiment which conducted Surgical Strike on Pakistan will soon get Air-Conditioned Jackets

It is not far away from seeing the Indian Army with all the sophisticated equipments that was till date seen only in Hollywood movies. Yes, the former defence minister revealed that trials are on for introducing air-conditioned jackets to the special forces of Indian Army. It should be noted that the Para soldiers are the same battalion that conducted surgical strike on Pakistan and Myanmar.

Former Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said on Sunday that “In a Special Forces operation, there is extensive exercise. Body heats up; he (soldier) is very uncomfortable. At that time if he has an air conditioned jacket, he is more comfortable. Trial is on”.

Why air-conditioned jackets are the need of the hour for the Para commandoes?

They were the nightmares to the enemies of India but many Indians didn’t know the Para commandoes. But the after the surgical strike, each and every Indian came to know of this most feared commandoes. These commandos succeeded in killing 35-40 Jihadis across the border who were on a plan to infiltrate into Indian soil on orders of Pakistan.

Another highly successful task of these commandoes was the operation that was carried out in Myanmar. The surgical strike inside Myanmar was carried out by a crack team of about 70 commandos of the Indian Army who finished the operation within 40 minutes, leaving 38 Naga insurgents dead and seven injured

These commandoes have the ability to penetrate deep inside enemy territory secretly and accomplish the given task. New technologies are very essential to these commandoes so that their secret operations can be carried out with easy. So introduction of air-conditioned jackets is really a great move.

Later Mr Parrikar spoke on Light Combat Aircraft Tejas and said that the plane is better than many of the planes in the world even though it cannot carry load more than 3.5 ton. “It was completed some 5-6 years (ago) but the government was not inducting it. Minor issues were there. I consecutively conducted 18 meetings and saw to it that it is inducted in the Air Force… Now there are three planes and one new aircraft is getting added up every one or two months,” Parrikar added.

Source: http://www.indiatimes.com/news/india/indian-special-forces-will-soon-be-having-air-conditioned-jackets-says-former-defence-minister-parrikar-328187.html


Nishika Ram