Relief from Love Jihad!!! Indian ace Shooter granted with divorce in Love Jihad case

Every passing day we get to hear multiple cases of Love Jihad in and around our place. 99% of them are not highlighted in National Media and we are not aware of it. None of us are ever aware of the consequences faced by the victim and we never know what atrocities the girl goes through. Some speak out and some just bare it within the 4 walls.

And the Sold Media, the Anti-Indian Presstitutes say Muslims don’t lie! Really?? It is not about religion and not about a particular community. It is about the motive behind the agenda of Love Jihad!!

Yet again a Family Court has granted divorce to National level rifle shooter Tara Shahdeo from her husband Raqibul Hassan alias Ranjit Singh Kohli, with whom she got married in 2014. Tara had submitted affidavit running into several pages seeking divorce primarily on the ground that the marriage was conducted on the basis of false information and, subsequently, led to domestic and physical abuse.

Indian ‘Ace shooter’ Tara Shahdeo gets divorce in ‘love jihad’ case.

1) Tara had married a Man believed to be named Ranjeet Kumar But after wedding, she came to know that Ranjeet was not a Hindu, his real name is Raqibul Khan

2) Khan’s Family tortured Tara to accept Islam

Tara’s counsel, L C N Shahdeo, said: “We had filed the divorce petition under Sections 12 (1) (c) (seeking annulment of marriage) and 13 (1) (I-A) (inflicting cruelty) of the Hindu Marriage Act. These sections pertain to marrying on giving false information and inflicting cruelty. Our case before the court was that torture and pressure to convert to another religion had begun a day after the marriage on July 7, 2014. Tara was tortured and an attempt was made to get her married as per rituals of Islam. Subsequently, with the help of police, a case was filed.” He added that the divorce petition was filed on January 6, 2017. Shahdeo added that the court relied on the documentary evidence before it regarding the cruelty inflicted upon Tara Shahdeo by her husband.

Talking to mediapersons after the verdict, Tara Shahdeo said: “We are looking for justice in the other cases, which the CBI has registered. There is still a long way to go, but I am hoping that I will get justice.” She also said that the annulment of marriage would help to focus on her career in a much better way. 

Raqibul alias Kohli, who was arrested in 2014 following FIR’s registered against him and his mother is currently in jail. He appeared in this matter in person and had not hired any lawyer. Apart from Raqibul alias Kohli, there are two other accused in the case – Mushtaq Ahmed, an officer in the High Court, and Kohli’s mother, Kaushal Rani. Ahmed was accused of helping Raqibul change his identity to Kohli. While Ahmed’s bail plea has been rejected by the High Court, his mother is on bail.

Tara was married to Raqibul, who had then allegedly posed as Ranjit Singh Kohli, in June 2014. However, she walked out alleging that Kohli was actually one Raqibul, leading to uproar and registration of FIR against him. Initially, the state police had registered FIR’s under sections pertaining to inflicting cruelty for dowry.

The accused is registered under 2 FIR’s, under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, including rape, outraging the modesty of women and hurting religious sentiments.Tara filed a complaint case within a couple of months of the marriage, after she was allegedly beaten up by Hassan, allegedly over attempts to get her converted.

But but according to Left inclined media,”Love Jihad is a mere fiction”?? And they say that love jihad is the figment of the imagination of the Hindu nationalists. So when news like these come out it makes those liars Anti- Hindu and Anti-Nationalists. It is preferable to firmly ignore those liars who have no values and stay firm in protecting our society and the Nation.

This makes me think what might be going on in Pakistan, Bangladesh or what has really happened. Watching the most dangerous emerging appeasement politics and greed for power make others to face same thing in a few decades to come.

Source: indianexpress.com



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