Remember Congress had claimed they conducted surgical strikes 3 times when they were in power, Check what truth RTI application has revealed now!

2 years back, when India conducted surgical strikes on Pakistan, the entire country stood with pride and applauded the Indian army for carrying out such brave act. It was just days after the coward Pakistan terrorists attacked our soldiers in Uri camp during night while everybody were asleep.

This prompted the Indian government to take a firm action against the terror country and send them a strong message. On 29th September 2016, the Indian soldiers entered the Pakistan border crossing the LoC and killed over 40-50 Pakistan soldiers and destroyed over 7 terror launch pads which were used to training terrorists. While the entire country was asleep, our soldiers risked their life entering into Pakistan and took the daring challenge to attack terrorists. In a span of 12 hours, they had destroyed the bunkers, terror launch pads and returned back to their home land stunning the entire Nation with their incredible act.

When the entire country was praising their efforts, the great political party Congress and Rahul Gandhi was busy mocking and questioning on soldiers on surgical strike. Rahul Gandhi questioned the authenticity of surgical strikes and demanded proof just like Pakistan. He received massive backlash for insulting the Indian army and their commitment.

Congress which only saw political mileage in surgical strikes wanted to take credit and started peddling stories that when UPA was in power, their government had conducted 3 surgical strikes. They indirectly wanted to play down the significance of Surgical strike and claimed surgical strikes were done many times before.

Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala had said, “We are proud that even in the past our forces have successfully conducted such surgical strikes on numerous occasions, particularly on September 1, 2011, July 28, 2013, and January 14, 2014, giving a befitting reply to the enemy. In its maturity, wisdom and in the interest of national security, the Congress Government avoided making loud claims for the effective response and action of the Indian Army. Not just the Congress government, the previous governments too had conducted surgical strikes”.

After their claims, an RTI application was filed to get details of the surgical strikes held before.

The question put forth were :

1. How many surgical strikes were carried out from 2004-2014? (Provide me with year wise list with country name)

2. How many surgical strikes on Pakistan were done by Indian Army after September 2014 and how many of them were successful?

3. How many of our brave soldiers have lost their lives in surgical strike?

To which the DGMO of the Army said,

a. Indian Army conducted Surgical Strikes along the LC on September 29, 2016

b. No Indian Soldiers lost his life during Surgical Strikes.

c. This section does not hold any data pertaining to Surgical Strikes if carried out before September 29, 2016.

So, the entire story of Congress was nothing but a big LIE which they spread to play down the great contribution of our soldiers. They shamelessly used our soldiers for their political gimmick and spoke in the voice of Pakistanis letting down our people.

Rahul Gandhi, who has much time to question PM on development, should first come and answer on what basis did they claim surgical strikes were held before? These shameless people who betrayed our soldiers for 10 years should first question themselves whether they have the least moral authority to talk about Indian Army. Those people who supported terrorists and criminals and jailed a honest officer like Col Purohit should bend their head in shame before they utter a word on Army.


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