Remember Dadri incident after which Hindus were called Intolerant? Now a report reveals Akhilesh Yadav govt pressurized Cop to change meat from cow meat to buffalo meat

Since centuries the peace loving Hindus were harassed by the foreign invaders who belonged to other faith. But Indians were called as intolerant after the Dadri lynching incident.

In the incident that took place in 2015 where Mohammad Akhlaq was killed, the media trail said that Akhlaq didn’t even possess beef at his home. The Hindus attacked and killed Akhlaq purely on the basis on rumors, said few of the seculars and liberals. Many “Modi and Hindu hating” journalists blabbered that Hindutva and cow brigade killed an innocent life. But no one spoke how many Hindus were tortured and how many Hindus died mysteriously during the investigation.

Now let us focus on one aspect of this incident. It was said that Akhlaq didn’t possess cow meat. But now a report has claimed that the Akhilesh Yadav led SP government that was ruling Uttar Pradesh, then, had forced the cops to lie that Akhlaq’s house had buffalo meat and not cow meat. Now, this has been a huge embarrassment to all those who call Hindus as intolerant, especially to the Award Wapsi gang.

Cobra Post had conducted an investigation with the first investigation officer of the Dadri lynching case Mr Subodh Kumar Singh. Note that he died recently after he was shot dead as the violence broke out over the cow slaughter in Bulandshahr.

Below is the statement given by the first investigation officer Subodh Kumar Singh on how the investigation was mislead by the Akhilesh Yadav government:

There was political pressure. The Samajwadi Party government wanted us (the police) and the (veterinary) doctor to be pressurized to change the meat

(They) Wanted to get the meat changed. They wanted to plant the buffalo meat in place of the meat we had collected from the site of the incident. Actually, we had kept that meat in three jars. One was kept at the police station, the second was sent to the FSL and third was sent to the (veterinary’ doctor … for this reason I was transferred)

The truth is the doctor was forced to change the report … the buffalo doctor, I am telling you this

The doctor had also said in his report it was cow meat … the report which is given prima facie … that report said it was cow meat

But the doctor was forced to change the report. I refused to change it. Its copy is still lying with me

Original copy where the vet doctor had written … the meat of cow … before changing the report he had sent me the same. Then DM Nagendra Pratap Singh gave me that report. I returned the report but I got it photocopied (before returning it). The vet doctor had written it. The meat was changed here during the night. But I refused to change the meat

You can read the entire report by Cobra Post by clicking on the below link:

“Akhilesh Government pressured me to change the FSL report on beef”

Hansika Raj


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