Remember the controversial Steel Flyover proposed by Siddaramaiah government, now JDS-Cong government brings the issue back!

During the Siddaramaiah government in Karnataka, he had brought a proposal of a Steel Flyover of 7 Km which was estimated to cost 1,800 crore. The entire Bangalore had opposed the move and called it a gimmick to loot public money before elections.

Various environment groups and activists highlighted the damage that will make to the environment if the flyover is built and wanted the project to be scrapped immediately. The 6.9-km project was planned to connect the Chalukya circle to the Esteem Mall in Hebbal on the airport road at Devanahalli and National Highway 4 towards Hyderabad which had little or no benefit.

The expensive six-lane project, ostensibly meant to ease the gridlock on the busy thoroughfare, faced vehement opposition from civic society and urban experts as it would have resulted in the loss of about 800 trees and their green canopy enroute the city’s outskirts.

But now just after the JDS-Congress government was formed, the Congress has brought back the proposal of Steel flyover. The controversial fly over issue was taken up by Home Minister G Parameshwar who said the project had been scrapped due to political reasons, but  the government has decided to take up it in the interest of public.

Parameshwar said, “We want to relook at it, I’d like to discuss it with CM and the cabinet will take decision, as people are facing traffic issues. We are talking about easing traffic in Bengaluru. I’ll leave it in public domain for suggestions, I’m open for it.”

“It’s not the question of the steel flyover, we need an elevated road from Esteem mall to Chalukya circle. There is a lot of congestion, it was a very good plan, I don’t know why it was stalled.The steel flyover will reduce the travelling time to just 20 minutes and the government is ready to clear any confusions pertaining to the project,” he added.

Just as the news of steel flyover broke out, ecologist VIjay Nishanth said, “This is against democracy. The previous CM had conceded to drop the project saying ‘if people don’t want it then we don’t want it’. There were 8,000 people who protested on the streets and 50,000 people signed petitions against the project. What public consultation do you want?”

“This is nothing but a money making machine ahead of the elections. How is this development? Rs 2,000 crore project for an elevated project which is completely unnecessary? Why not spend this money elsewhere where it is needed when there is acute water scarcity and other pressing needs. We had stopped the project inch by inch last time, the same will be done this time,” he added The News Minute

The citizens of Bengaluru founder, Srinivas Alavalli said, “It is the kind of irresponsible statement that sets things back. We need to increase share of public transport not increase share of private vehicles which is what flyovers are proven to do. Besides pollution is a silent killer that is staring at us and any projects that increase pollution must be shunned keeping public interest in mind. After all the children of politicians breathe the same air we all do.” “We request the DCM to first prioritise public transport – expedite Metro, start suburban immediately for high traffic areas like ORR, buy more buses, experiments with bus lanes on ORR and build walkable footpaths. The Bangalore Environment Trust warned that heat islands will be created with more concrete structures and I hope their word is taken seriously.” The News Minute

Despite of huge opposition, the government wants to take the steel flyover project as it is a means to mint money easily in the name of development. Bangalore which is already facing extreme weather conditions during summer will be further pushed into misery with cutting 800 trees just for a fly over which will not help 1% people.

The politicians have become so insensitive that they do not care what happens to city of country, all they want is money, money and money!

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