Remember the place Mandsaur where farmers protest took place last year, BJP gains big there, do you know why?!

One year back, there was a farmers protest in Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh which grabbed the attention of people all over India. There was violence, and 6 people were said to be shot. The Congress had used this opportunity to build a momentum against BJP and said that the farmers were against BJP. The protest which turned violent suddenly lead to the death of 6 people and made the situation worse in the state. Rahul Gandhi had taken a rally out in open with smiling faces

But the big question was why did the farmers protest erupt in a year when there was bumper crop yield and in a state where the Agricultural rate is highest in India. Shivraj Singh Chauhan became the Chief minister of MP in the year 2005, during which the state had worst agricultural production. But just in a span of 4-5 years, Shivraj Singh Chauhan changed the entire scenario. Since 2010 -2015 the agricultural growth in MP jumped to double digits which was the first time in history. Today MP contributes 15% of the Agricultural GDP in the country, the agri growth rate is 14.2 per cent over the five-year period 2010-2015. A cumulative growth of 92 per cent over the period. Among all the current statistics on the economy, the truly jaw-dropping one is MP’s agricultural growth rate. These words were said by T N Ninan just a month back, author in Business Standard. The state of MP has won Krishi Karman Award from President of India for 3 years straight!

The only way Congress could malign the BJP was to create violence by using their resources of muscle and money power. They utilized the MSP demand of Maharashtra farmer and hijacked the issue. Congress instigated riots and violence. They started to attack innocent people on the ground, attacked bus where women and children were present. They burnt public and private vehicles, set hundreds of shops on fire. The Congress workers were seen spreading fake images of terrorists as farmers to provoke people. The whats app messages which showed that Congress workers were giving messages to attack people was out.

This was how they created violence and riots! But still the Mandsaur voted for BJP….Why??

Because the real scenario was totally different and people knew that no farmer was in distress. The big reason for this is, Mandsaur is such a place which does not grow vegetables or pulses but OPIUM (poppy or marijuana drugs). Do you know how much does one Kilo of OPIUM cost?

1 kilo OPIUM cost Rs 3-5 Crore! 

Do you think these farmers need MINIMUM SUPPORT PRICE???

Most of these farms in Mandsaur belong to Congress people. Faiaz Khan who was the leading the protests in MP is none other than a Congress man who has links with OPIUM mafia. A close aide of Digvijay Singh.

So, now one can understand the entire gimmick of Mandsaur farm protest was not real but a planned and orchestrated violence by Congress to win Madhya Pradesh elections. This is exactly why the people of Mandsaur voted for BJP!

Being in power for 15 years, the bJP could manage to win 109 seats, just 6 seats short of majority which absolutely shows no ANTI INCUMBENCY. More than 10 seats in MP was lost with a margin of just 1000-2000 votes with many people choosing NOTA. So, is this a real dent in BJP, CLEARLY NO. The continuous NOTA camapign by few vested interest made all the difference. Even today, Shivraj Singh Chauhan is  the most popular CM in MP who development records is astounding!

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