Remembering the ‘Mysore Lancers’ on the 99th anniversary of the battle of Haifa!

Not many people know that Indian soldiers have participated in world wars and are regarded one of the most capable army in the world. One such battle in which the Indian soldiers have shown their valor is the Battle of Haifa, Israel in which hundreds of soldiers sacrificed their life fighting the battle. The Indian regiments Mysore Lancers, Hyderabad and Jodhpur played a very crucial role in liberating Haifa from the ottoman, Turks and Germans in the year 1918.

This is regarded as one of the most fierce battle during World War 1 in which many Indian soldiers laid their lives. The Mysore Lancers were the 15th Imperial service which was sent by the Princely state of Mysore along with regiments from Hyderabad and Jodhpur. It was the then Maharaja of Mysore, the most popular king Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadeyar who took initiative to help the Israelis and arranged 5000 men to help them in the war. He donated around Rs 50 lakh to the Indian War Fund from his personal saving and provided all facilities to the soldiers.

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The Maharaja had sent a message with the soldiers to the Israelis “Mysore’s part of the war with Israel”. It has been 99 years since the battle took place and even today we remember the great souls who laid down their life.

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There has been a special mention of the contribution of the Mysore Lancers by Sir Edmund Allenby in the occupation of Damascus and Aleppo. After the war, memorials was dedicated to the brave Mysore Lancers who liberated Israel in Delhi and Bangalore. The Israelis also have a lesson in their school text books which is dedicated to the Mysore Lancers.

Every year, the Israelis remember the sacrifice of these soldiers as Haifa Day. Until now, the Haifa Day was celebrated only in Delhi, but this year the Haifa Day was commemorated in Bangalore for the first time by Virat Hindustan Sangam, Karnataka Team. The team members remembered the great contribution of the Mysore Lancers on the 99th anniversary of Haifa Day!

99th victory day celebration of Mysore Lancers

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