Renaming Allahabad not a matter of politics, but reclaiming the lost glory from Mughals!

Yesterday the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath announced that his government had decided to change the name of Allahabad to Prayag Raj. But the moment the decision was taken, the Congress and the so called secular parties have opposed his move. The Congress said that it would not support the move as it will affect the history in which Allahabad has played a significant role since the days of Independence.

Congress spokesperson Onkar Singh said that the region where Kumbh takes place is already called Prayagraj and if the government is so eager, they can make it a separate city, but the name of Allahabad should not be changed. Singh further said, “During Gandhi-era and fight for independence, Allahabad has been a centre for inspiration. In 1888, 1892 and then in 1910, Congress Mahaadhiveshans took place here, which gave shape to the freedom movement. The city gave the country its first Prime Minister. Moreover, the Allahabad University would lose its identity as it would also be named Prayagraj University.”

But the real worry for Congress is not about University name or Congress Mahaadhiveshans but the pressure from the minority community to stop Yogi’s decision. The Congress which plays in the hands of Minorities doesn’t want the UP government to change the name Allahabad which was given by Akbar and the Mughals in the year 1575.

Yes, the places which was called Prayag upto 1575 was changed to Ilahabad during Akbar’s rule. Akbar who realised that the place was in prime area and had huge historical importance decided to build his fort in the place. The place is surrounded by the rivers Ganga and Yamuna on three sides, with only one side connected to the mainland Doab region. According to ancient scriptures, it is the place where the Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati met which got the name Triveni Sangama. The place is of the historic importance as the great Kumbh Mela takes place every year.

Impressed with this strategic position of the place, Akbar decided to rename the place to Ilahabad  and built his fort in the same place. He called it Ilahabas or “Abode of God” by 1584. The name was later changed to Allahabad by Shah Jahan. Some books also express speculations about the name saying it was named after Alha from Alha’s story and was renamed by Akbar in the interest of Islam. It is also said that in the period of Jehangir, he wanted to erase the Hindu connection with the place and had tried to destroy the Akshayabat tree (“the indestructible banyan tree” which is often referred in Hindu History) and failed.

So, the name which was given by Mughal Kings in order to imprint their religion and customs erasing the original name is something which cannot be accepted. The Congress which is involved in minority politics since the time of Independence, doesn’t want to upset their vote banks supporting Yogi Adityanath government’s move. This is exactly why they are hell bent on opposing the move to change the name of Allahabad to Prayag.

This is the real mindset of Congress which can never accept the Indian culture of history but is behind the colonial and Mughal culture which destroyed India for nearly 600 years. This is why we say that the History and the rich culture of India has been masked and the history has been twisted by the Congress and left in the education system of the country.

So, changing the name of Allahabad to Prayag Raj is not politics, but reclaiming the lost glory and history of the place to its original form!

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