Sensational Expose! Report reveals UPA planted fake stories about coup to malign Army in 2012 despite Intelligence ruling it out

It is well known that the Congress Party has always insulted the Army and raised questions on their competence even by asking proof for surgical strikes done by soldiers. Now an another revelation has come out which reveals UPA II planted fake stories about coup to malign Army in 2012

According to reports, the top leadership of the UPA 2 government, in the last few months of 2011 and early 2012, had informally indicated to the Intelligence Bureau (IB) to try and establish that the Army, under its chief, General V.K. Singh, was attempting a coup to topple the government.

It said that the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh after being advised on this matter by some of the senior UPA leaders became too worried that he asked the Intelligence Bureau (IB) to carry out the probe. The IB, after doing the inquiry, got back stating that there was no chance of a coup as no Army chief, anywhere, could think of staging a coup if he did not have the support of his top officers. The report was shared with the PM and there was no ambiguity regarding the IB’s report that there was zero chance of a coup”, the official who was involved in the thick of the matter, recalled

But the UPA Government which also included a leader who occupied a top Constitutional post later in his career leaked this fiction to the media, which carried the story as was narrated to it by the political leadership.

By doing so Congress has not only done politics of low level but also insulted the Army and put the national security at stake.

The BJP has come down heavily on Congress party for such shameful acts. During a press conference, BJP national spokesperson GVLN Rao said, “This Congress party had not only indulged in loot, but they have also played havoc with national security of this country. He added “This is not just a political conspiracy but also an attempt to defame the Indian army”

The senior leader questioned the Congress President and asked him “Is he the brain behind this dangerous conspiracy? What was the motive behind plotting a fake story about the army coup? Who were the ministers involved in spreading lies and defaming the army? Was this attempt done at the behest of the ISI or Pakistani Army which has a record of staging coups? Such a false alarm manufactured by an elected government is an attempt to compromise Indian Army and subvert Indian democracy.”  He said

The Congress President must answer all these questions. Why his party always resort to cheap tactics for political gains? Why his party has always risked the security of the nation?

The Congress party has always supported the anti- nationals and defamed the Army. The party has done nothing for the nation in these 70 years in fact has always compromise with the national security and only invited problems and danger for the nation.


Source : Sunday Guardian