Researchers are perplexed after seeing this miraculous Shivling, constructed 1000 years ago, that changes its color thrice a day!

India is that country with a mixture of Culture, tradition, Ancient history, customs, deep rooted wealth and mysteries of course. As u discover one mystery, you’re not done with it. Every nook and corner of India has something in unique to be known and discovered to the world yet.

Our country is filled with numerous amounts of wonders which we have hardly known about. Some of those wonders have achieved in failing science & technology to theorize the reason behind them!

Among this list of secrets lies the 1000 year old temple in Rajasthan’s Dholpur. Turning the quote of “Shiv ki Leela Mahan” true, this temple has left several researchers spell bound with its magical Shivling. No one really knows the origin of the Shivling and how it originated. This has left scientists perplexed.

Miraculous Shivling playing with colors..

Located in Chambal, “Achaleshwar Mahadev” temple consists of a Shivling that changes color 3 times a day!! Though being located in a remote area, the Shivling has gained a huge amount of popularity with its miracle of colors.

Morning- Red in colour
Afternoon- Changes colour from red to saffron
Night- eventually turns black in colour

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House of Miracles..

Built around the toe print of Lord Shiva- it marks to be the only temple in the world where the Lord has his toe worshiped!! The temple is known to date back to the 9th century.

It is said that this temple has housed many miracles – the brass Nandi apparently once released thousands of bees on Muslim invaders who once tried to attack the temple. Once excavators have tried to find out the depth of the Shivling below the ground, but even after a day-long ordeal, they were unable to find out the depth of the Shivling, so they called off the process.

Another mind chilling fact, a few years ago when ASI was examining this area when a water stream started to flow out of Nandi’s mouth. Since that moment, the temple is declared as highly auspicious.

It is said that unmarried men and women who are not finding a partner come to this temple to find their perfect match with the blessings of the Lord. Devotees flock to this temple in huge number with every passing day and the popularity seems to be doubled with time. Devotees are seen spending their time throughout the day seeking the blessings of the Lord and have their wishes fulfilled.