Retired HC judge and Journalists are paid through hawala to create unrest in Kashmir

In a recent revelation by Oneindia, the security forces along with the Intelligence Bureau (IB) have prepared a list of 20 persons including journalists and a retired High Court judge who have been fueling unrest in the Valley. In the list, there are officials in the Jammu & Kashmir government too.

An IB official informed Oneindia, “We are keeping a close tab on these officials. These are the persons who are spreading the anti-India ideology and urging the youth to take up arms against India.” When asked if these persons will be arrested, the IB officer said that they are on the watch list. They will be acted upon for sure as the Centre has directed the security forces to up the ante against militants and separatists in the state. These persons in the list of 20 are being paid through hawala channels to incite violence. These persons urge the youth of the Valley to attend militant funerals in large numbers. There are few journalists who are on the payrolls of the ISI. Their job is to specifically create propaganda to show that the entire state is with Pakistan. They are the ones who have been dishing out the pro-azadi sentiments in the Valley. The IB and the CID’s Special Branch has prepared the list and sent the same to the Union Home Ministry. The ministry on the other hand has told the forces to go all out against them. Not just the militants on the ground, but the ideology need to be crushed too.

A senior officer of Jammu & Kashmir police said to the writer, “30 percent of Kashmiri journalists are funded by Pakistan and Gulf. They get paid to write against India and Indian Government. It is the local media that creates more problems for India and Kashmir”. He cautiously emphasised on one more fact that many employees of Kashmir Government are writing against India in Newspapers through pseudo-names. He wanted thorough investigation about them and strict action against these elements.

Nishant Azad