Reuters Poll reveals big economists believe PM Modi Government’s victory in upcoming LokSabha Elections will be best for economy

Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) is the best for nation. There is not an iota of doubt in this. Since the BJP Government led by PM Modi has come to power nation has achieved great heights. In each and every sector major reforms has taken place that has even changed the perspective of the foreign nation about India and the nation and its leadership has earned huge respect

Even the big- wig economists of the nation has given a thumbs-up to the ruling party and has declared that if BJP comes to power it is good for economy. According to the poll conducted by Reuters among 70 leading economists of the country, all have pointed BJP’s victory will be best for Indian Economy whereas opposition which have no vision will only downturn the economy

All the economists unanimously polled that Congress’ majority or the Congress-led UPA (United Progressive Alliance) or a coalition of regional parties (third front) would be terrible for the economy. Senior economists have pointed out that the opposition has no particular policy. Instead, they have one thing to do. They just keep on attacking the PM Modi Government which will not be good for the economy. “In order to push reforms ahead, a BJP win is necessary, as the opposition mainly has been focusing on attacking the NDA, rather than presenting an alternative policy agenda,” said Hugo Erken, senior economist at Rabobank.

Even the share market strategists, brokers and industrialists are of the same view that PM Modi Government’s win in the upcoming LokSabha Elections is best for share market and growth of industries. Ratan Tata, the ace industrialist and former chairman of the Tata Group had shown confidence in Prime Minister Modi, in an interview with columnist and author Suhel Seth. On being questioned about the Prime Minister, Tata said that Modi is capable of delivering the ‘New India’ that he has promised to the people of the country.

R. Narayana Murthy, the pioneer of Indian IT industry also holds the same opinion. He said that PM Modi is the national leader who is capable and is interested in the improvement of India and we must be grateful for that to him. Looking at last 5 years, I feel that having a leader who is focused on nation, focused on discipline, cleanliness, and economic progress is a good thing. Continuity of govt would be a good thing.” he said in an interview with ET

Even the foreign counterparts of PM Modi believe PM Modi is the one who has taken nation to great heights. So India, now choose your candidate wisely. Your vote is your power of transforming your nation and taking it to great heights. Cast it wisely and don’t fall in the trap of opposition which wants you to make helpless like beggars but not empowered as PM Modi Government believe

Source : RightLog