Revealed!!! Whom did the Congress wanted to save by pushing Col Purohit into Jail?

The ding dong stalemate over the poor Lt Colonel Prohit’s dark future has come to the finale with the advent of the apex court granting him bail, which was manifested to be scuttled as long as there was UPA in power for obvious reason, like water in ones palm. God is great and he had taken his cudgel against the real culprits. Yet, the sudden disappointment of a hope leaves a scar which the ultimate fulfilment of that hope never entirely removes for the poor officer in question.

Let us go over the background of his illegal incarceration under the influence of one among the five foxes of the Italian mafia queen. In the month of November 2007, Lt Colonel Prohit submits a report over the seat of origin and the modus operandi of the circulation of counterfeit notes. He clearly ropes in Abu Azmi, an MLA of SP, few political leaders and police officers in his report. He also adds that the intricacies of printing such notes are pilfered from State owned Nashik currency printing press.

Coming to zero in the true Sculptor: From 2004 to 2008 P Chidambaram, the great was the finance Minister of UPA. With his holy cow son’s patronage, anti national goons bought some machines from the state owned press at Nashik under scrap and the inks required for printing such notes were smuggled out from the stated press, thus a parallel currency printing like the state owned was set in motion with the kind patronage of both father son duos. Thus fake currency printed in India was in circulation with the patronage of the holy cow son. Such money was put in circulation liberally at 1:3 or 4. Such received benefits were routed through Hawala and credited in alien banks accounts of the holy cow son.

Indians living abroad should understand that what they received @14 against 12 was in such pipeline only. Thus the Hawala agents cheated both them and the nation. In this background the holy cow son’s credit balance inflated in alien banks.

In the backdrop of this report by the Col Prohit in 2007, after some inquiry, Pradnab da replaced P Chidambaram for ministry of Finance. P Chidambaram becomes Home Minister. It was known that counterfeit money is in circulation and affects the economy was realised then itself hence shifted his portfolio.

So he pressed the button of Malegan and Samjotha express bomb blast with the help of the scamgress’ sugar daddy state of Pak and grilled the col. in question in order to revenge him. The “Hindu Terror” terminology was devised only at that point by the convent educated English fluent educated criminal.

It is the basic tenet of the scamgress to revenge bureaucrats working for the nation and patriotic or a step above to terminate if they worked under Karnataka scamgress government.

So a true patriot worked for the nation had to get incarcerated for sweet nine years illegally which one none could give him back. Thus, they manipulated the “Hindu Terrorism”, facilitated to appease the Muslims and add their vote banks in their kittis, and revenge the officer in question who was instrumental for his loss of FM position. A perfect act was stage managed successfully. This was enacted with perfect secrecy. Save, a special enquiry over this episode is initiated the picture would come through dark with a scarlet tinge

P Chidambaram’s life is shortened but mired as if he is going to live forever and thus decided over the rest of the populace to resign to their fate. Does it warrant such a life?

The trailing is the 2007 report of the officer in question

Courtesy: Ilango

Vaidya K Iyer