Revealed!!! Rs 4.5 crore on celebrations, Rs 2 crore on a movie, Rs 30 lakh on flowers, this is how the Siddaramaiah government operates

It’s the habit of a loser to blame someone else for his own failures. Same is the case with the grand old party of India, Congress. They, themselves are the sole proprietors of all the crimes but still, they always have the habit of burdening other’s shoulders for it. Because this is what they are capable of, blaming someone else for their failures and hiding their incompetencies.

The Congress government in Karnataka led by CM Siddaramaiah is not at all able to manage the state. Obviously with a sleeping CM how any state can be managed and developed. The 10% CM has never seen within himself, what he is upto and what he is doing for the state but is always quite active to blame the Centre for each of his failure.

Siddaramaiah has this age-old habit of always blaming the government at centre that they do not provide support to Karnataka government. They do not provide any help. Many times he has asked for the accounts of Centre’s contribution to Karnataka. On which once Amit Shah has also mocked at him during his rally in Karnataka “Arrey CM Siddaramaiah ne hamse hisab manga hai, hum une hisab dene Karnataka aaye hai” (CM Siddaramaiah has asked for the accounts of Centre’s contribution to Karnataka, I am here to give the accounts).

Centre according to the need of an hour has always helped the state in possible ways it can. But the problem is that the public money provided for that is not used for the welfare of people but it goes into the pockets of the Congress Leaders, spent on minority appeasement, spent on lavish lunch and dinners, spent on celebrations.

And this has been exposed many times. In a yet another new expose it has come to an account as exposed by Republic TV. Republic TV has accessed documents which reveal Siddaramaiah led Congress Government had spent Rs 4.5 crore on the diamond jubilee celebration of the Vidhan Soudha. This comes at a time when the people of Karnataka are suffering due to civic apathy in the state. In the year 2017, when Karnataka government suffered the worst drought in 42 years, the Congress was busy spending money on the diamond jubilee celebration but was not worried about the condition of people

Not only this, the Siddaramaiah government spent Rs 30 lakh on flowers, Rs 2 crore to make a movie on the Vidhan Soudha, and 4 lakh on an animation movie of 10 minutes’ duration.

It also hosted lavish lunches for VVIPs, VIPs and government employees. The lunch costed as much as Rs 1700 per head. This government’s fascism doesn’t end here. It has a peculiar skill of grabbing the food from poor people’s mouth so that they can fill the big bellies of rich people.

The Siddaramaiah government not only splurged on the lunches, it also carried out food racism by designating different slabs on lunches provided. As per the document accessed by Republic TV, the lunch for VVIPs costed around Rs 1700 per person, lunch for VIPs costed around Rs 1300 per person and the lunch for the government employees and the common public, who were invited to the function, costed around Rs 819 per person.

Furthermore, the accessed documents reveal that Rs 1 crore was spent just to publicise the event.

Now, Mr. Siddaramaiah, people of Karnataka are asking for accounts from you? Is this the true reality of where our money is going? Why are you using public money for filling your own stomachs? Is this your contribution to Karnataka? You have to answer Mr. Siddaramaiah !!! You and your corrupt government will not be spared at all.

The Karnataka Legislative Assembly election is scheduled to be held in April-May this year to elect members of the 224 constituencies in Karnataka. This is such pathetic government that they do not believe in themselves even, they don’t have any work to show, they are so incapable and worried about winning that they are giving out freebies to strengthen their chances in the upcoming assembly polls.