Revival of Sanskrit is the Revival of Jagat Guru Bharat

Learned and Enlightened Mankind history in India is as old as the planet Earth. Unfortunately Indian History was declared as Mythology for vested interest serving British Colonial rule interest during their stay and Left communist philosophy after they left in 1947 respectively. They were declared as study of myths,here says and rumors. Irony is Sanskrit, the most advanced now proven scientific language was part of biggest this political conspiracy of colony India fallen in the lap of Ea(s)t India company from bigots of the Islam , who rules civilized & much more socially responsible & developed than Europe. Till Britishers arrived India used to contribute 31% of global GDP for first 1750 years of AD era .

Signs language has no mention in our books, rather books have no mention in our flow of knowledge from one generation to gen-next. We do not believe in story, history or theory of Darwins or Steafen flaimings of the modern world. Evolution is a reverse cycle for us. Its retardation of human values and capabilities therewith on the time machine as it moves forward the human evolution. We had golden age in “Satyug”, when truth Purity and inner engineering was supreme power and the evolution cycle of imparted knowledge from creator of universe to mankind was complete & saturated. Followed by “TretaYuga” silver age, when display of power and division of society was done on “Varna”i.e. on human social engineering based on occupation he choses after birth. Then came “dwaparyuga” the “bronze” age , when human started cheating each other for possession of power and now in Iron age called “Kaliyuga” ““ the most corrupt human age predicted by scriptures is going to have grandmother at the age of 12yearold unmarried girl.

“Shruti” (listening) & “Smriti” (Memorizing) remained medium of transfer of knowledge and the language of 330 Million gods of India (Dev Bhasha) remained Sanskrit, which survived & deteriorated from one yuga to next . Current kaliyuga is 4,32,000 years of age and we are just in 5500th year only. Each preceding yuga is double the age of proceeding one. One complete cycle is of 4 yugas completion and is equal to one days of Brahma ““ the universe, which itself is moving towards Mahasiva @ speed of light while producing round of “AUM” () the start and end of universe and the first and last symbol of Sanskrit.

“Sanskrit ” is not driven or enriched by other languages of world rather it is the mother of all other contemporary medium of communication world over. Grammar, Comprehension and Vocal phonetics are highly advanced, absolutely comprehensive and well connected to energy levels of Chakras in Human Body respectively , which no language on planet offers.

India creates.West Dictates.India relearns.Declared and Defined as most advanced and most scientific language in plant, NASA has adopted “Sanskrit” must principle for his scientists to work on artificial intelligence (AI) interface with human. Views varied and hoax initiated from Robert Briggs research on subject at NASA on AI in 1985. Irrespective of what Americans say today or Russians will follow tomorrow and Chinese will copy day after, India has belief if we have travelled the entire universe in the past through research carried by our ancient scientist called as Braham Rishi, Rishi , Munis Aghors and Sadhus, it was Sanskrit which enabled them to communicate with extra terrestrial and occult forces and that enabled them to assimilate their knowledge gathered and well descripted in the same language in Vedas, Upanishads and Itihasa.Devolved Human brain is yet not evolved to decipher the laws in language of gods that is Sanskrit.

In the past yugas, Human brain can absorb , retain and transmits entire knowledge in this language from one generation to next without writing, printing or mugging books.Geeta with 700 Shlokas in Sanskrit is a part of 900000 shlokas of Mahabharatha.This is just one Itihasa (History ) Scripture of Hindu History ( Not Mythology ).It got transmitted from one gen to next only on capacity of then human brain.

Definition of time, distance and space are only possible in this language. It is said commonly in our great nation “Bharatha” that if it is not in Vedas, it is not at all a knowledge of universe and the language of Vedas is “Sanskrit”, which has suffered due to invasions of foreign rules for 1200 years. Burning all books of knowledge in erstwhile rules of sematic religion Islam and as per rule to uproot cultural values & knowledge wealth. 18 days fire engulfed thousands of books kept in library of Taxila because Quran was not there in that huge bank of knowledge in Sanskrit. Mohd. Bin Qasim was saved from death by Acharya (Scholar of Sanskrit) of medicine but Taxila library of University paid price as he could not find Quran.

We Indians are thankful to Germans & English Scholars and Researchers whose enduring efforts brought just fraction of text content of knowledge back not the soul,which only Indians can, as revived dignity.Since no lunch is free in this world, they charged for same by calling us primitive and declaring themselves as civilized Aryans. Aryan theory was floated and slave mentality of then greedy & power hungry leadership propagated through left historians. Indian paid heavy price, when they adopted Mc Caulay Education Policy ,which further damaged understanding of Sanskrit as perfect medium of learning in scientific way.We saved Sanskrit through our Gurukuls (Schools) Mc Caulay after his famous speech in British Parliament killed the soul of India ““The Education System.

Under the current regime of Modi , we expect special focus on long term strategy to revive the wealth of knowledge in our Vedas which defined gravity and relativity much before Newton and Einstein. Zero and Decimal were invented by scientist of Sanskrit medium research scholars in Indian Education System deciphering vedas. Value of Pi (3.14) factor determining circumstance of circle was defined in India long before Europeans came out of wilderness in jungles. Chanakaya”™s Arthshastra in Sanskrit defines laws of administration, defence, taxation , foreign policy much before Americans started killing 20 million Red Indian to call itself the largest Democracy of World. We

Vasundhev Kutumbkam in Sanskrit says World is one big family.To reach this scientific philosophy we don”™t need advanced Europeans or Americans but the Primitive Indians. Revival of Sanskrit is Revival of Jagat Guru “Bharat” , the position made only for India and will be reclaimed from the only Global power before 2050 without arms ammunition but purely on knowledge of self ““ to answer once again ““ “Why You were Born on this Planet?”

Priyanka Jadon


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