Revolt of Girl power in Kerala has been a success!!!Case has been filed against the Kerala Professor for his “Sexist remarks on woman”

Women being termed as a mere living toy, these days has become a common issue. Men molesting women, men raping little girls, men abusing and harassing women is not at all unusual these days. This is what people have in their minds when they hear these cases happening in and around them.

These cases of molestation and sexual abusing of girls is repetitive in some of the states in India. Kerala is one among those states prone to such incidents happening each minute. According to reports released in the year 2014, National Crime records bureau, the crime rate against women in Kerala is 63%, much higher when compared to the National average rate of 56.3%. And if the data on the Kerala police website is to be believed, then this percentage is rapidly increasing.

The local police has registered a case against the professor who publicly slammed female students in his college for displaying their chests like “slices of watermelon”.

3 days back, few of comments which came from a Kerala Professor had led to wide protests in the state. Professor Jauhar Munavar from Kerala, while speaking at Kozhikode’s Farook Training College, was recorded saying that the female students in his college do not cover their chests with hijab, instead show part of it “like a slice of red watermelon”.

Now Girls of NIFT Kannur doing rally over Physical & Sexual Abuse by locals. Yesterday Girls of Farook College did Watermelon Protests over Professor’s Sexist remark. So 2 protests in 2 days in Kerala. All Feminists consumed Fevicol & JNU leftists in Coma as Kerala a CPI(M) state

“I am a teacher of a college where 80 per cent of the students are girls and of that a majority are Muslims. These girls are not wearing the dress as per the religious tradition. They are not covering their chests with hijab. But showing part of it is like a slice of red watermelon being displayed,” the professor was quoted saying by a media house.

“When you wear a hijab, you are supposed to cover your breasts because men find them most attractive in a woman,” Munavar said, according to media reports. “But what do they do? They only cover their head and show off a portion of their body….In shops, people keep a cut watermelon on display so customers can come and choose what they want. That is how you [women] are also behaving.”

Koduvally police has registered a case against Munavar under non-bailable sections for ‘outraging the modesty of women’ and ‘making vulgar comments’. The case has been registered based on the complaint filed by Amritha, a student from the same college.

The accused professor has been on leave for the last five days, and is believed to be absconding. Munavar has been slammed immensely on social media for his sexist remarks. There has also been a number of online campaigns against him. In a protest against Munavar, two women in Kerala posted topless pictures of themselves on Facebook recently deeply condemning his statement and leading to protests against the professor.

Meanwhile JNU’s ABVP chhaaps are coming in full support of the rapists and the molesters in Kannur yet or not? What about what about???

ABVP & SFI in WatermelonProtest against Prof J Munavvir T. He said, “80% students here are girls, majority are Muslims. They don’t wear dress as per Islam; not covering their chests, displaying them like slices of red watermelon”

Kerala professor asking women to cover up their breasts sparks watermelon protests… women protest against him with watermelons in hand

Dear professor, is it in your job description to teach the students or to inspect the length of their hijab and stare at their breasts and comparing them to ripe watermelons??? That shows where your eyes and thoughts are.

Jauhar Munavar who was teaching Social Science at Farooq College since past 6 years. A clip of the speech went viral on Social media and the professor is facing wide hatred on the social media and the students of the college and others revolting against him with sliced watermelons in hands.

Source: thenewsminute

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