Why Right Wing Activists on Social Media Never Speak in UNITED Voice???

India has always faced major attacks from outsiders, it may be Mughals, British, Portuguese, French and many others. Most of these people were even successful in conquering India for decades and centuries. One may wonder what was the real reason…Were Indians not brave enough to fight, Were they incapable?? NO!

Most of the powerful Indian Kings were not defeated by strength but they were mostly back stabbed by their own people. Even today the situation is not very different. For Indians ‘ME’ comes first before anything, before even the country, ‘ME’, ‘MYSELF’ matters.

Most of the people in our country, who talk big about uniting people and uniting India, cannot stand their own people of same ideology. Such people who can’t talk in own voice for the country, dream about making India Vishwa Guru….!!!

Why we discuss this issue is, few people who call themselves Right Wing activists on social media and claim their main objective is to expose hypocrisy of the media, are now spending most of their time attacking other Right Wing activists. May be because of their egos and pride it doesn’t let them speak in one voice for the country. The intention of being on social media, opening online news portals is to expose the fake media and so called pseudo liberals and seculars of the country who have turned out to be a threat for the Nation.

But some people probably have forgotten this objective and believe attacking their own people with same ideologies is the main goal. They somehow see pleasure attacking their own people. There are very few active Right wing news portal which aims to expose the lies of main stream media that has ruined the country since a decade by spreading fake stories and mis-guiding people. The top 5 Right wing websites according to ranking are:

  1. Postcard.news                            1,681
  2. IndiaArising                                3,015
  3. OpIndia                                     4,906
  4. TheFrustratedIndian.com              5,218
  5. Satyavijayi.com                          5,784

These websites have infact posed threat to many main stream media in terms of viewers and reach out. The main reason NDTV and many channels stand exposed today is because of these websites who challenged their fake reporting and exposed their pseudo liberal attitude. The Main stream media have gone to an extent of threatening many people from these sites for exposing their hypocrisy, especially anchors from NDTV like Barkha Dutt had threatened Postcard news with defamation case.

But whenever there has been any threat to any right wingers from Lutyens club, people from across different websites have stood with each other and supported them. The best example was when a right wing activist and writer from a popular website was threatened by a so called journalist Swati Chaturvedi (@bainjal), the entire Postcard.news team stood with him and supported him in his fight against the lutyens club of Delhi.

But somehow, people very soon forget the help and start talking against the same people who had once helped them in difficult times. As said earlier maybe it’s the ego or pride which doesn’t let them be together.

Many leaders in the past stressed and complained about one issue…UNITY, they always said that Indians lack unity, they would let a foreign enemy rule the country but not their friend… Which is absolutely true! We are so self obsessed that we see our friends as competitors and enemies. Probably it’s because some people can’t digest the popularity of their own friends and want to push them down.

It’s true that when popularity grows, friends also turn into foes.

While most of Pseudo liberals spend their time attacking Nationalists and Right wing activists on social media, some Right wingers spend most time mocking their own people. May be this is the reason why a foreign lady from Italy was able to rule India for over a decade!

Those who can’t stand their own people with same principle and ideology, expect India to stand United?!! Tragedy of our country!

Team Postcard