Robert Vadra Nailed in Land Deals!

The Vadra probe commission has finally nailed Rabert Vadra, Son in law of Congress President Sonia Gandhi finding irregularities in granting permission to Skylight Hospital.

The panel headed by Justice (retd) SN Dhingra has found solid evidences against Vadra who changed the purpose of land use in four villages in Gurgaon and irregularities in granting licence given to Skylight Hospitals.

The Dhingra panel has reported that influential people from the office of then CM was involved in flouting rules to grant permission for Change of Land Use (CLU) which led to rampant increase in land prices. The report suggested the government to take action against the then CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda.

SN Dhingra when questioned whether there were irregularities in the land dealings, replied “If there was no irregularity, then I wouldn’t have submitted 182-page report” and added “My report is in two parts, one part is findings and the other is evidences.”Dhingra also said he can”™t further reveal any details and it”™s up to the Haryana Government to make the report public. The Congress however denied any wrong doing and said BJP is following vendetta politics.

We have heard a lot about Vadra”™s land irregularities not just in Haryana but in Rajasthan as well. It”™s time the government makes the report public and let people know the dark face of Gandhi Family. Congress has constantly argued that Vadra is a private citizen and has no link with party affairs, if so why does the entire Congress soldiers start jumping up and down trying to protect the Son In Law of Sonia Gandhi.

Aishwarya S