Rohingya illegal immigrants included in Telangana voter list, BJP seeks EC probe!


The major reason why Rohingyas are being supported by so called secular parties has been proved again with their names being listed in voters list. Just few days back, a report on India Today had said that Rohingyas in Telangana were easily getting access to Voter Ids and Aadhar cards which had raised serious concerns. But now, the BJP has alleged that the voter lists have Rohingyas names and sought a probe in the matter.

A delegation comprising Union minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, party general secretary Arun Singh and BJP’s national media head Anil Baluni met top EC officials and submitted a memorandum in this regard.

The BJP on Wednesday which was verifying names of the voter list is said to have found illegal Rohingya Muslim immigrants have been included for the Telangana Assembly elections in voters’ list of 15 constituencies in Hyderabad. The party sought a probe by the Election Commission (EC) on this “joint conspiracy” of the ruling TRS with AIMIM and the Congress.

Naqvi told reporters that despite clear instructions from the Union Home Ministry that Rohingya Muslims are not Indian citizens, they have been registered as voters in Telangana. The party also demanded that electoral rolls of 15 Assembly constituencies in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation be “rectified” before the December 7 election.

This is not the first time these illegal immigrants are being used by Congress and other secular parties, but even during Karnataka elections, lakhs of fake voter IDs were seized which showed that most of them belong to Illegal Bangladeshis. The main reason why secular parties do not want to deport illegal immigrants is for this reason.

Not to forget, many politicians were involved in getting the illegal Rohingyas settle in strategic locations in Jammu Kashmir, Kerala and also Uttar Pradesh who are being used for terror activities and votes. The terrorists groups in Kashmir have extended support to these Rohingyas and had warned the locals of complaining against them. This is not just random move, but a planned move to make sure the illegal Rohingyas are infiltrated into the system where they can be used for vote banks.

It is ironic that despite Rohingyas posing so much threat to National security, the Supreme Court still shows soft corner for them calling it Human rights But let us not forget that these Rohingyas had helped terrorists escape in Jammu during a counter terrorism operation some time back. They were also responsible for sheltering terrorists who later attacked Army camp leading to the death of few soldiers.

It is time that the centre government takes suo moto action against them and deport them back before they infiltrate into the system more.

Source: The Indian Express

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