Rohingya Muslims… ‘not refugees’, being brought to India by anti National elements for vote banks!

A year back, there was big apprehensions about letting Rohingya Muslims as refugees in Jammu Kashmir and many parts of West Bengal and even Bihar. We believed that these people came to India from Burma as refugees to find a new living. They claimed that there was Muslim persecution in Burma which reached to the point of driving away all Muslims from the region.

But now the truth has come out and it is clear that these people are not refugees but are being brought to India for a big political game. This illegal settlement of Rohingya Muslims is being done to change the demography of our country, especially in Jammu Kashmir. What is shocking is, the illegal settlements of these people did not start recently, but was started way back in 2008 when the Congress and the National Conference was ruling Jammu Kashmir.

According to PGururs, one of the Rohingya Muslims Molvi Yunus said “I crossed into Bangladesh from Burma (Myanmar) when abuse of Muslims wound up noticeably terrible. From Calcutta, I moved with my family to Delhi where I asked for sustenance to keep myself and my family alive. It was in Delhi that I met a Kashmiri who revealed to me J&K was a state in India where Muslims lived in the dominant part. I came here in 2008.” According to this lady, she came to India in the year 2008.

According to a survey, around 20,000 Rohingya Muslims and 50,000 illegal Bangladeshi migrants were brought couple years back. These people are living in the border area district of Jammu. In past few years, the area has witnessed many people involving in terrorists attack. What is scary is, terrorist organization Hizbul Mujaheideen has been supporting these people and they have warned the people of Jammu they will face severe consequences if they harass Rohingya Muslims.

As per the official figures placed on the floor of the Assembly last year, “there were 13,433 Rohingya and Tibetan Muslims living in Jammu & Kashmir”. These included 7,690 Tibetans and 5,743 Rohingyas. Not one Rohingya Muslim has been able to settle in Kashmir because the Kashmiri Muslims oppose their settlement in the Valley (Pgurus).

These people are being brought to support the separatists group in raising the Azadi debate against India. The reports showed that Rohingya Muslims were heavily funded by many foreign funded NGO and human right organisations based in Delhi. Sakhawat, run by Muhammad-ul-Umar of Srinagar (Kashmir); SR Institute of Development, Srinagar; a Delhi-based NGO, namely DAJI, which is run by Ravi Hemadri; and Save the Children, run by Neha Gandotra are the prominent organisations which are helping Rohingya Muslims.

The proposal of the BJP government to deport these Muslims back to Burma and Bangladesh has been turned down by the PDP saying it was not appropriate to send them back.

The major concern is that these so called refugees are being settled in strategic location of the Jammu areas, especially in the border areas of Jammu which is dominated by Hindus. This will pose a huge threat if these people turn into another group of separatists and will transform Jammu to another Kashmir. Some of the key localities of Rohingya Muslims are near River Tawi, Bathindi, Narwal, Talab Tillo, Bhagwati Nagar, Vidhata Nagar, Rehari and Belicharana.

They have also set up a market called the Burmese market in the Narwal area. Many government schools in Narwal Bala has been completely dominated by Rohingya children. More than 80-85% kids belong to Rohingya Muslims. But the rule says that no non-state students can be admitted in a government run school. All the girl students are getting free education from government which is covered under Beti Bachao, beti padhao scheme. Many teachers from Jammu have been removed to make space of Rohingya Muslim women to get teachers job.

According to reports, many Rohingya Muslims are using forged documents to get their children admitted into school. The forged documents are very easy to get and it is said many government employees are involved in the illegal activity.

The scary part is, all these people have obtained Aadhar cards, ration, election Ids and it is nearly impossible to identify these people. They have been given water, electric connection to the house and also getting free medical health cards from governments. The worst part is they are getting involved in state affairs and supporting the azadi narrative.

They have also been invoking Article 370 to make their point and persuade the state government to evict them, saying no non-state subject can enjoy the facilities, privileges and rights which are available to the Permanent Residents of Jammu & Kashmir under Article 370 and under Article 35-A of the Indian Constitution. “Abrogate Article 370 or implement it in full,” has been their refrain, which is very valid considering the constitutional status of Jammu & Kashmir.

The Burma and Muslim dominated Bangladesh itself have refused to accept these people claiming that they are a threat to the Nation. The Saudi Arabia also has deported them back and ordered 12,000 Bangladeshi Muslims to leave the country immediately. But it is only in our country that Rohingy and Bangladeshi Muslims have been allowed to stay, because of few political parties which want to use them as their vote banks and rage war against India in the region of Jammu Kashmir.

It is time that Central government takes strong action against these people and deport them back to their country before they turn into another terrorists group like LeT!


Aishwarya S