Rohingya Muslims producing 10-12 kids per each family, a conspiracy to change demography of the land?!

Since several months there has been many discussion on deporting Rohingya Muslims  in the National level. The Home ministry last week submitted a report to Supreme Court based on the inputs and information provided by intelligence agencies saying that the Rohingyas had links with various Pakistan based terror agencies and also with the ISIS.

Many reports also emerged saying that Rohingyas were not refugees but illegal immigrants who are deliberately brought into India for anti National activities and to change the demography of the states like Jammu, West Bengal and Bihar. These people were made to settle in strategic locations of Jammu-Kashmir who were later being involved in terror activities and vote bank politics.

The separatists who never want citizens from other part of India to enter Jammu, gave strong support to these people and threatened the government of dire consequences if Rohingyas were deported. It clearly indicated that the reason these illegal immigrants were brought was to influence the separatist movement and preventing the rehabilitation of the Kashmiri pandits and retaining the Article 370.

Various studies have indicated there is rapid increase in Rohingya population which is posing serious threat to the region. The Guardian reported that over 400 babies were born in a span of just 15 days between Mynamar and Bangladesh border. And these people are waiting to flee into India anytime. It is same in all the Rohingya occupied areas as massive population explosion is reported.

Historians and columnists who visited the Rohingya occupied areas in Jammu reported that each family has around 10-12 kids and it is the same situation in all places. This is exactly what is being planned by the conspirator, increase the Rohingya population exponentially in 2-3 years which will completely change the demography of the land. This is a deliberate attempt to dominate the Jammu area with Muslim majority which will give them upper hand.

One can imagine the catastrophic effect if these people are allowed to stay in India. There are over 60,000 Rohingyas in India and with the each family having 10-12 kids, the population will exceed 600,000 thousand in another 2 years. Provided there support to terror organisations will cause an irreparable damage to Jammu and Kashmir.

Its a part of bigger conspiracy by the seculars and Human rights activists who are batting for the Rohingyas and pressurizing India to provide refugees status to these illegal immigrants. It is time India should waste no time to deport the Rohingyas and Bangladeshi immigrants who have turned out to be a serious security concern.

Aishwarya S


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